Best Toffee Candy Recipes

Peanut brittle toffee candy
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This list of toffee recipes has something for everyone—from classic English toffee to nutty almond toffee, to more tropical, bold, and unusual flavors.

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    Almond Butter Crunch Toffee

    Almond Butter Crunch Toffee

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    Almond butter crunch toffee will have everyone's mouthwatering. It's full of toffee and rolled in nuts to further increase its incredible crunchiness.

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    Almond Toffee

    Almond Toffee

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    Delicious almonds and toffee are layered between decadent and smooth chocolate. This recipe is easy to make and looks so beautiful, too.

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    White Chocolate Cashew Toffee

    White Chocolate Cashew Toffee

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    Cashews and white chocolate combine in this unique toffee. It's full of rich caramelized sugar flavor, is coated in white chocolate, and is topped with crunchy cashews. 

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    Brown Sugar Toffee

    Brown Sugar Toffee

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    Brown sugar toffee has a decadent and rich taste. It's caramelized flavor is perfectly complemented by crunchy nuts. 

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    Butterscotch Drops

    Butterscotch Drops

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    These tasty toffee drops have luscious butterscotch flavor. They are super simple to make, too.

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    Glass Peanut Brittle

    Glass peanut brittle

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    Glass Peanut Brittle is thin and glass-like. It showcases the beautiful peanuts and looks very different from other toffee recipes.  

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    English Toffee

    English toffee

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    English toffee is a classic. It's beautiful snap and firm texture are incredible and won't get stuck in your teeth. The crunchy toffee is covered in decadent chocolate and chopped nuts.

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    Salted Chocolate Peanut Brittle

    Salted chocolate peanut brittle

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    Salted Chocolate Peanut Brittle is a sweet new take on traditional brittle. The crunchy sea salt accents the chocolate and caramelized sugar flavor perfectly—it keeps you craving the brittle and coming back for more.

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    Coconut Brittle

    Coconut candy in Bauru city, Brazil
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    Coconut brittle has a delicious toasted coconut flavor and is perfect on its own or dipped in chocolate. It's easy to make and is a unique brittle recipe that you won't find everywhere.

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    Cookies and Cream Bark

    Cookies and cream bark

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    Cookies and Cream Bark uses two simple and tasty ingredients. Chocolate cream cookies, like Oreos, are pretty perfect on their own, so when they are turned into a bark, they are incredibly decadent and ridiculously good.

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    Peanut Butter Toffee

    Peanut butter toffee

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    Sweet toffee and creamy peanut butter combine in this delicious sweet and salty toffee recipe. Using whole peanuts makes it super easy to make and gives the toffee a great texture.

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    Macadamia Nut Brittle

    Macadamia Nut Brittle

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    Macadamia nut brittle takes regular old peanut brittle to the next level. The buttery macadamia nuts perfectly complement the crunchy, sweet brittle. It looks pretty and unique and makes a great holiday gift.

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    Naturally Sweetened Peanut Brittle

    Naturally Sweetened Peanut Brittle

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    This delicious peanut brittle is sweetened with coconut sugar. This gives it a beautiful color, rich caramel flavor, and the benefits of natural sugar.

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    Peanut Honey Toffee

    Peanut honey toffee
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    Peanut Honey Toffee is full of whole peanuts, sweet honey, and creamy peanut butter. The peanut butter gives it a slight chewiness that is very unique to this toffee.

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    Saltine Toffee

    Saltine toffee

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    Saltine Toffee will melt in your mouth. It's insanely simple ingredients make this recipe crazy easy, too. And although it's easy, it looks like it took you all day. The crispy and crunchy saltines are layered with sweet brown sugar and creamy chocolate. Add nuts or dried fruit to take this toffee to the next level.

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    Traditional Toffee

    A stack of toffee
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    This basic toffee recipe is just simple sugar cooked to a high enough temperature. When left to cool, it hardens and becomes crunchy and snappy. Add nuts, chocolate, or whatever your heart desires to the top of this beautiful toffee.