Tofu Dessert Recipes

Vegan peanut butter pie with chocolate and crushed peanut topping

Steven Gorgos / Getty Images

When making desserts using tofu, most recipes will call for silken tofu, rather than firm or extra-firm tofu. This makes a big difference, so be sure you've got the right kind. Though it may seem a bit odd to make creamy desserts out of soybean curd, the tofu usually just acts as a carrier for all the other amazing flavors, in place of dairy, or heavy cream. So enjoy these tofu-based desserts, knowing that they are mostly lower in fat than other desserts, much lower in cholesterol, and they provide a bit of protein, too. What's not to love?

You will use only four ingredients (other than the pie crust) for this ultra-simple vegan chocolate peanut butter pie that is similar to a French silk pie. Just be sure to use vegan chocolate. It can be gluten-free as well if you use a gluten-free vegan pie crust. The only sugar is in the semi-sweet chocolate chips, so it is less sweet.

This easy vegan sweet potato pie recipe uses a pre-made crust. You may be surprised to learn that Mrs. Smith pie crusts are vegan, or you can find vegan crusts at markets such as Whole Foods. Of course, you can make your own vegan pie crust.

This peanut butter tofu pie recipe gets five stars from those who have whipped it up in minutes and popped it into a prepared vegan pie crust. It will please kids and adults alike. Serve it plain or make it fancy by drizzling it with melted chocolate and crushed nuts.

This vegan key lime cheesecake is made with vegan tofu-based cream cheese, such as that from Tofutti. Bake it in a vegan graham cracker crust and top it with slices of lime.

You can easily mistake this vegan pumpkin cheesecake for pumpkin pie. It is made with silken tofu and tofu-based cream cheese, along with canned pumpkin, sugar, and all of the delightful fall spices. Use a homemade vegan graham cracker crust or an easy vegan granola pie crust recipe

This quick and easy chocolate banana tofu pudding recipe is super low-fat, very low in calories, and is great for kids and adults. Of course, you can make it fancier by layering the pudding with sliced bananas, crushed vegan vanilla wafers, and crushed nuts if you want a photo-worthy dessert.

Getting the right consistency can be a challenge for vegan cookies, so these vegan lemon sugar cookies are a revelation. The tofu is just what is needed so they retain some moisture and don't need frosting. Bake a batch for nice treat for coffee time, after dinner, or for snacks.

When you bake a vegan cake or cupcakes, use this vegan tofu frosting in place of cream cheese frosting. It's less sweet (although you could add more powdered sugar) and nearly fat-free. You may be surprised that many commercial cake mixes are vegan, or you can use your own favorite recipe.

For fresh fruit or your favorite vegan fruit pie, top it with tofu whipped cream rather than dairy products.