15 Tofu Dessert Recipes

Creamy, Moist, and Decadent Dairy-Free Treats

Vegan peanut butter pie with chocolate and crushed peanut topping

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Though it may seem a bit odd to make creamy desserts out of soybean curd, tofu is an ideal substitute for dairy products when looking for a vegan alternative. The tofu takes the place of eggs and dairy, such as butter, cream cheese, and heavy cream, and is the perfect vehicle for bringing all of the other flavors together. When making desserts including tofu, most recipes will call for silken tofu rather than firm or extra-firm tofu; the texture makes a big difference, so be sure you're using the right kind. You can feel good about enjoying these tofu-based treats as most of them are lower in fat than other desserts, much lower in cholesterol, and they provide a bit of protein, too.

Many of these recipes call for store-bought pie crusts. The brand Mrs. Smith's pie crusts are vegan, or you can find vegan crusts at quality markets. If you prefer, you can make your own vegan pie crust.

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    Vegan No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

    Derby pie sprinkled with cocoa powder

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    Similar to a French silk pie, this vegan chocolate peanut butter pie is smooth and silky, with a satisfying mouthfeel. It calls for only four ingredients (other than the pie crust), including semisweet vegan chocolate, the only sugar included in the recipe. Once the chocolate is melted, combine with the remaining ingredients in a blender and process until smooth. Then pour into the pie shell and refrigerate until chilled. Sprinkle with a bit of cocoa powder for a professional looking finish.

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    Easy Vegan Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

    Vegan sweet potato being sliced


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    This vegan sweet potato pie recipe uses a premade crust and canned sweet potatoes, making it quick and easy to put together. The silken tofu helps create a creamy texture, while the firm tofu helps the pie set up. Cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg contribute warm spices, making this a pie any Southerner would be proud of.

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    Vegan Tofu Chocolate Cake

    Vegan tofu chocolate cake with two slices on plates

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    Instead of butter and eggs found in typical chocolate cake recipes, this vegan version subs in silken tofu, offering the same binding properties while providing moisture and creaminess to the batter. Cocoa powder combines with the dry ingredients, while the tofu and its liquid are blended with maple syrup and almond milk. Once mixed together, the batter bakes into a rich, chocolate cake ready for the vegan frosting of your choice.

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    Vegan Pumpkin Pie

    Vegan pumpkin pie recipe with whipped topping

    The Spruce

    When looking for a traditional autumn dessert that is dairy free, this vegan pumpkin pie is sure to satisfy. The silken tofu replaces the eggs and acts as a binder, bringing the pumpkin and quintessential spices together in a luscious pie that is holiday worthy.

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    Tofu Banana Cream Pie

    A slice of tofu banana creampPie
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    From the graham cracker crust to the whipped topping, everything about this tofu banana cream pie is dairy free. A bit of coconut in the crust complements the coconut milk and oil in the banana and tofu filling—feel free to sprinkle on a garnish of flaked coconut for the perfect finishing touch.

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    Vegan Chocolate Fudge Brownies

    Chocolate fudge brownie topped with nuts in a baking dish
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    The silken tofu not only makes these brownies egg free but is also why they are so moist. In addition, the maple syrup used in place of the sugar means these chocolate fudge brownies are also void of refined sugar. A simple blend of the tofu with water, maple syrup, cocoa powder, oil, and vanilla is combined with the dry ingredients, poured into a pan, and baked until set. Fold in chopped walnuts for extra flavor and crunch if you like.

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    Peanut Butter Tofu No-Bake Pie

    Vegan peanut butter pie made with silken tofu and topped with chocolate and nuts

    The Spruce  

    This peanut butter tofu pie recipe can be put together in no time, calling for blending just five ingredients until smooth and pouring into a vegan pie crust. Serve it plain or make it fancy by drizzling it with melted chocolate and sprinkling over chopped nuts and/or crushed pretzels.

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    Vegan Banana Coconut Pudding

    A single serving of banana pudding garnished with slices of banana and a sprig of mint
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    Ripe bananas, coconut milk, and silken tofu make for a super creamy pudding with loads of flavor. Only the thick part of the coconut milk is used and is blended with the bananas, tofu, maple syrup, vanilla, and sea salt. Once chilled, the pudding can be topped with dairy-free dark chocolate shavings and fresh mint leaves.

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    Tofu Cheesecake

    Tofu cheesecake with whipped topping and a fresh whole strawberry

     The Spruce / Kristina Vanni

    This tofu cheesecake comes together easily when you make the crust and the filling in the food processor. Both vegans and non-vegans will enjoy this luscious dessert, which uses silken tofu, cashews, and coconut cream in place of the dairy and eggs in traditional cheesecake recipes. The crust is made of oats, almonds, and coconut sugar, and oil, adding another layer of flavor.

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    Vegan Lemon Sugar Cookies

    Sugar cookies on parchment

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    Getting the right consistency can be a challenge when making vegan cookies, and the tofu in these vegan lemon sugar cookies is the perfect fix, offering moisture and a creamy texture to the dough. The best part is these lemony sugar cookies don't need any frosting. Bake a batch for coffee time, after dinner, or for snacks.

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    Vegan No-Bake Key Lime Pie

    Two vegan no-bake key lime pies with fresh lime

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    A Florida favorite, the traditional key lime pie is often made with eggs, heavy cream, and sweetened condensed milk. This vegan version uses silken tofu to create that signature creamy texture and is the perfect base for absorbing the tangy flavors of the key lime juice. Make sure to use a dairy-free graham cracker crust to keep the pie vegan friendly.

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    Vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake

    Removing a slice of vegan pumpkin cheesecake

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    For something a little different during the holidays that will also please vegan guests, try this vegan pumpkin cheesecake. It is made with silken tofu and tofu-based cream cheese, along with canned pumpkin, sugar, and all of the delightful fall spices. Use a homemade vegan graham cracker crust or an easy vegan granola pie crust recipe.

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    Chocolate Banana Tofu Pudding

    Chocolate pudding in a glass dish

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    This quick and easy chocolate banana tofu pudding recipe is low fat and very low in calories but tastes like a decadent treat. You can make it fancier by layering the pudding with sliced bananas, crushed vegan vanilla wafers, and crushed nuts if you want a photo-worthy dessert.

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    Vegan Tofu Frosting

    Fat-free vegan tofu frosting in a glass cup and on a rubber spatula

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    To top a vegan cake or cupcakes, use this vegan tofu frosting in place of cream cheese frosting. It's less sweet than traditional frosting (although you can add more powdered sugar), and it's nearly fat free, with a touch of lemon and vanilla for a depth of flavor. When it comes to the cake, you may be surprised that many commercial cake mixes are vegan, or you can use your own favorite recipe.

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    Vegan Tofu Whipped Cream

    Bowls of fresh cherries and whipped cream

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    Top your favorite vegan pie, chocolate pudding, or bowl of fresh berries with tofu whipped cream rather than dairy products. It may not be quite the same as whipped cream, but it will definitely offer a sweet, creamy finish to any dessert.