Top Appetizer Recipes Made With Hummus

Hummus is one of the most versatile foods. It can be eaten plain as an appetizer or as a single ingredient in a variety of appetizers. Here are the most delicious and easy appetizer recipes that contain hummus. The only difficult thing about making these appetizers is choosing which flavor of hummus to use!

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    Crostini With Hummus and Parsley

    Hummus with pita bread
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    Crunchy crostini is prepared and topped with warm hummus and parsley makes a sophisticated, yet super easy appetizer.

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    Cherry Tomatoes Filled With Hummus

    Cut the tops off cherry tomatoes and scoop out the inside. Pipe some hummus with a pastry bag to fill the tomato. Your guests will be impressed!

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    Deviled Eggs With Hummus

    Deviled eggs are always a popular appetizer. Instead of filling the egg with yolk mixture, why not try hummus? Use a pastry bag for easy filling.

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    Hummus With Toasted Pita Wedges

    Warm hummus served with toasted pita wedges. The presentation is what makes this appetizer unique. Place a small bowl of hummus in the middle of a large plate and surround the bowl with pita wedges.

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    Melba Toast and Hummus

    Pipe hummus on top of melba toast... simple as that! The flavors of the melba toast and hummus make a nice combination.

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    Cucumber Slices With Labneh, Topped With Hummus

    Sliced cucumbers are spread with labneh and a small dollop of hummus makes this appetizer colorful and delicious.

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    Crostini With Shaved Roast Beef, Topped With Hummus

    This is such a crowd pleaser! Crostini topped off with hot pieces of shaved roast beef with hummus. This appetizer is very filling and perfect for any event.

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    Hummus Filled Tomaotes

    Roma tomatoes filled with hummus. Liven things up a bit by filling each tomato with a different flavor of hummus.