9 Impressive Asian-Inspired Cocktails

Party Drinks Featuring the Asian Flavors and Ingredients

Surprise guests at your next party with a round of fun cocktails. These luscious Asian-inspired drinks are a good fit for any celebration, from New Year's Eve to a summer party. The recipes feature Asian ingredients, including Japanese whiskey, plum wine, sake, wasabi, and fruits like lychee and mango. All are easy to mix up and utterly delicious.

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    Saketini With a Cucumber Ribbon
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    In the saketini, sake takes over the role typically played by vermouth in a martini. The Japanese rice-brewed beverage is a brilliant complement to gin and the duo creates an impressive drink. Garnish it in traditional martini fashion with an olive, or go with cucumber, which is a nice companion to sake.

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    Singapore Sling

    Singapore Sling

    The Spruce Eats

    Developed in Singapore in the early 1900s, the Singapore sling is arguably one of Asia's best-known cocktails. It's smooth and sweet, with a combination of gin, Benedictine, and cherry liqueur topped with club soda. Mix it up and discover why it's an icon in the cocktail world.

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    Thai Mango Martini

    Mango martini
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    For a small party, serve a refreshing batch of Thai mango martinis. You'll start by blending up a puree using the fresh fruit, then add vodka, dry vermouth, and ice and blend again. It's an unusual approach to a "martini" but it works incredibly well.

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    Mango Passion

    Mango Passion Cocktails
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    Mango cocktails are a favorite in Thailand and blenders are standard tools to mix them up. In the mango passion recipe, the fruit and vodka combination is treated with a couple of intriguing companions. The sweetener of choice is maple syrup and the frozen drink is topped with sparkling wine. You can even skip the vodka and use sparkling water for a tasty nonalcoholic version.

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    Plumdog Millionaire

    Plumdog Millionaire Cocktail with Bulldog Gin

    Bulldog Gin

    It's rare to find a cocktail that features Japanese plum wine, so the plumdog millionaire is a unique find. The recipe pairs the wine with a rather intense gin that includes poppy and dragon's eye (or longan) fruit in its botanicals. The drink is then finished off with lavender soda and it makes an excellent dinner companion to an Asian menu.

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    Autumn Delight

    Yamazaki Whiskey's Autumn Delight Cocktail
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    Japanese whisky hasn't been around for long, though it's quickly grabbed global attention. While it's most often enjoyed straight, the cocktails that use it are just as impressive as the scotch-inspired spirit. The autumn delight recipe treats it with great respect, simply topping the whisky with apple cider. It's a perfect drink for autumn parties.

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    Cherry Blossom-tini

    Cherry Blossom TIni
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    Inspired by the cherry blossoms that famously adorn Japan each spring, this martini puts a sake spin on the cosmopolitan. The recipe retains its predecessor's Cointreau and cranberry and lime juices but opts for sake over vodka. It's simply a lovely drink that everyone's sure to enjoy.

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    Lotus Blossom Martini

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    Lychee nuts are common in Asian cuisines and the delicate little fruit has found its way into many cocktail recipes. It's paired with pear vodka and sake in the delightful lotus blossom martini. Adding a slice of pear as a garnish makes this drink as beautiful as it is delicious.

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    Lychee Tequila Shooter

    Lychee Tequila Shooter (aka Crouching Tiger Shot)

     The Spruce Eats

    The lychee tequila shot is another drink that puts the sweet taste of lychee to good use. With just two ingredients—lychee liqueur and tequila—this shooter is pretty to look at and a pleasure to drink. Perhaps too pleasurable, so keep track of how many you enjoy.