Incredible and Easy Baked Sandwiches

Baking elevates sandwiches into another dimension. Just layering bread with meats and cheeses is fine; but add some heat and the filling melts, the cheese melts, the bread gets crisp, and the whole meal is more satisfying. You can really put any meat and cheese, or cheese and veggies, between a bun, in a split pita, or between slices of bread, and bake it. But these recipes are something a little bit special. Substitute your own favorite filling ingredients in these recipes to make them your...MORE own. And get ready to make them again, because you will get requests for more!

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    Lasagna Sandwiches. Linda Larsen

    A rich meat sauce is topped with a rich cheese sauce in a hollowed out crisp roll, then baked until everything blends together. This simple sandwich is so delicious it's surprising. You can use pork sausage or ground beef in the filling, and any type of cheese. I choose Havarti and part-skim mozzarella because I love the flavor combination.

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    Updated Turkey Mornay Sandwich. Linda Larsen

    These open-faced sandwiches are a little bit different. A creamy sauce, made with cheese, envelops tender turkey and is then layered on English muffins. They're broiled until the cheese topping browns and bubbles.

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    Baked Grilled Cheese Pesto Sandwiches. Linda Larsen

    The first time I made these sandwiches I didn't think they were going to work. When I turned them the first time, the bread looked pale and insipid. But when I pulled them out of the oven after they finished baking, they were magnificent. This is a great way to make grilled cheese sandwiches for a crowd because you don't have to stand over the stove making them one at a time.

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    Toasted Fish and Bacon Sandwiches
    Toasted Fish and Bacon Sandwiches. Linda Larsen

    Ciabatta buns are split and lightly toasted, then filled with tender fish fillets, bacon, mayo, and mustard. They're wrapped in foil and baked again until crisp. Yum.

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    Turkey and Stuffing Calzone
    Turkey and Stuffing Calzone. Linda Larsen

    This recipe is perfect for using up Thanksgiving leftovers. Stuffing and turkey are baked in pizza dough so the dough is crisp and the filling is hot and tender. Yum.

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    Baked Turkey Sandwich
    SilviaJansen/E+/Getty Images

    This super easy sandwich is a classic. You can easily substitute cooked sliced ham for the turkey; whenever I do that I like to use Cheddar or Colby cheese in place of the Havarti.