Incredible and Easy Baked Sandwiches

Put turkey on bread

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By using your oven you are sure to save time and make deliciously crunchy and gooey sandwiches. Layer bread with meats and cheeses, allow the filling to melt and the bread to crisp up, and make a side salad while the main is warming up. Substitute our suggestions with your favorite meat, cheese, veggie, bread, or sauce to make your own version of a filling and flavorful sandwich.

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    Lasagna Sandwiches

    Lasagna Sandwiches
    Lasagna Sandwiches. Linda Larsen

    A rich meat sauce is topped with a rich cheese sauce in a hollowed-out crisp roll, then baked until everything blends together. These lasagna sandwiches are so delicious it's surprising. You can use pork sausage or ground beef in the filling, and any type of cheese. We chose Havarti and part-skim mozzarella because we love the flavor combination.

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    Updated Turkey Mornay

    Single sandwich
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    These updated turkey mornay sandwiches are a little bit different. A creamy cheese sauce envelops tender turkey then is layered on English muffins. The sandwiches are broiled until the cheese topping browns and bubbles.

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    Baked Grilled Cheese Pesto Sandwiches

    panini with tomato, pesto and mozzarella
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    The first time we made these baked grilled cheese pesto sandwiches we didn't think they were going to work. When first turned, the bread looked pale and insipid. However, when we pulled them out of the oven after they finished baking, they were magnificent! This is a great way to make grilled cheese sandwiches for a crowd because you don't have to stand over the stove making them one at a time.

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    Baked Turkey Sandwiches

    Baked Turkey Sandwich

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    These super easy baked turkey sandwiches are a classic. You can easily substitute cooked sliced ham for the turkey; whenever we do that we like to use cheddar or Colby cheese in place of the Havarti.

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    Ham & Cheese Cornbread Sandwich

    Corn Bread Sandwich

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    This baked sandwich can be made with store-bought cornbread, or with our homemade cornbread recipe, included in the sandwich instructions. Filled with baked ham and cheddar, and served with chow chow, a sweet and spicy cabbage relish, this is a filling and decadent alternative to the classic ham and cheese.