Top 10 Beef Tri-Tip Recipes

Tri-Tip Steak
Tri-tip steaks are versatile. Charles C. Place / Getty Images

The tri-tip, whether roast or steak, has grown from a little-known California cut of beef to a popular piece of meat. More and more, it is showing up in stores across the country and around the world. Tri-tip isn't the most tender cut, but the fine distribution of fat can make it flavorful and juicy if you cooking it (think grill) right. Here are 10 ways to prepare tri-tip.

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    Grilled Tri-Tip Roast

    Grilled Tri-Tip Roast
    Grilled Tri-Tip Roast. Annabelle Breakey/Getty Images

    Grill a beef tri-tip roast low and slow to bring out the flavor. This recipe uses a simple spice rub and produces drippings you'll love to use for gravies and sauces. You can slice it and serve it as your main course or use it for a variety of dishes.

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    Santa Maria Tri-Tip

    Santa Maria Tri-Tip
    Santa Maria Tri-Tip. Sabrina S. Baksh/Regarding BBQ Inc.

    Santa Maria barbecue is an old traditional cookout from the Santa Maria Valley in Southern California dating back to the mid-19th century. This delicious grilled beef is served with salsa, pinquito beans, and a green salad. The meat is either top sirloin or beef tri-tip.

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    Simple Grilled Tri-Tip Steak

    Simple Grilled Tri-Tip Steak
    Simple Grilled Tri-Tip Steak. Annabelle Breakey/Getty Images

    Marinating your tri-tip steak will help keep the meat tender when you grill it at higher heat. This simple tri-tip steak recipe uses a powerful marinade. You can then enjoy the steak with your favorite sides, or in sandwiches, wraps, and other dishes.

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    Sesame-Ginger Tri-Tip Steak

    Seseame-Ginger Steak
    Brian Hagiwara/Getty Images

    For an Asian-inspired meal, you can make this tri-tip steak or roast that has been marinated with ginger and sesame oil. Slice it to serve with rice or noodles and grilled or steamed vegetables.

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    Smoked Tri-Tip Roast

    Smoked Tri Tip Roast
    Smoked Tri Tip Roast. Sabrina S. Baksh/Regarding BBQ, Inc.

    Santa Maria barbecue is usually made over a live fire grill, but it also works great in the smoker. You will get a better smoked flavor, but the surface won't be seared. You'll have to decide which way you prefer.

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    Spice Rubbed Tri-Tip Roast

    Spice Rubbed Tri-Tip Roast
    Spice Rubbed Tri-Tip Roast. Regarding BBQ, Inc.

    Add a Southwestern spice rub to your rotisserie tri-tip roast. The meat will dry-marinate in the rub for several hours before going on the grill. This dish would go well with grilled vegetable kebabs or grilled potatoes.

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    Southwestern Tri-Tip Steak

    Southwestern Tri-Tip Steak
    James And James/Getty Images

    Beer and wine together? Both are in the marinade, along with cilantro and lime, boosting the deliciousness of the tri-tip. Choose a dark beer for a richer flavor and add more pepper flakes to heat it up.

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    Asian Marinated Tri-Tip Roast

    Asian Marinated Tri-Tip Roast
    Asian Marinated Tri-Tip Roast. Debbie Smirnoff/Getty Images

    Please your family with this spice and savory tri-tip roast with Asian-inspired marinade. If you take the step of boiling the marinade after the meat is on the grill, you can use it to make a sauce for your rice or noodles. You can easily substitute with flank steak, yielding the same fantastic result. Just be sure to adjust the cooking time.

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    Grilled Espresso Tri-Tips

    Grilled Espresso Tri-Tips
    Grilled Espresso Tri-Tips. Ray Kachatorian/Getty Images

    Don't be afraid to use coffee as a seasoning or in a marinade. The flavor really isn't that strong and it will help to enhance the flavor of the steak.

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    Grilled Cognac Beef Kebabs

    Grilled Cognac Beef Kebabs
    Grilled Cognac Beef Kebabs. David Loiselle/Getty Images

    This is a simple Mediterranean style kebab recipe is perfect for beef tri-tip. Buy the strips (sometimes labeled as steaks) and cut them into cubes. The marbling of this cut makes it fantastic for kebabs.