10 Best Beer Can Chicken Recipes

beer can chicken on grill

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Beer can chicken is not only a great way to cook a whole chicken on the grill, but it's also a lot of fun to do. Sitting a whole chicken on top of an open beer can may seem a little bit weird, or even frivolous, but it's actually a genius recipe method for barbecuing a whole bird while keeping it moist, tender, and juicy. You can also add plenty of flavor to the meat using this method. Whether you like a smoky, mild, or spicy-tasting chicken, all you have to do is just switch up the spice rub you use to adjust the flavor.

That's the real secret of beer butt chicken—using a tasty and aromatic spice rub to season the outside of the bird while steaming the meat as it cooks over a flavorful beer. 

Not just any beer will do. Choosing the right beer for beer can chicken is key to a tasty result.

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    Classic Beer Can Chicken

    Beer Can Chicken

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    This classic beer can chicken recipe combines the flavors of a traditional rosemary and thyme spice rub for the grill with the hoppy flavors steamed out of the beer can. This is an easy and fun way to cook a whole chicken on the grill.

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    Smoked Beer Butt Chicken

    Smoked Beer in the Butt Chicken

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    This smoked version of the classic beer butt chicken recipe uses a low and slow method of roasting to impart a delicious depth of flavor. Steaming the chicken this way in the smoker keeps the meat super moist and juicy while it slow-roasts to perfection.

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    Southwestern-Style Beer Can Chicken

    Southwestern-Style Beer Can Chicken

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    Amp up your grilled chicken with spicy Southwestern flavors with this tasty barbecued chicken recipe that packs a wallop. A cleaned, whole chicken is prepared with a spice rub that includes chili powder, garlic powder, cumin powder, allspice, sugar, salt, and pepper. It's then steamed over a beer can infused with the same spices for a one-two punch of flavor. You can adjust the heat in this beer can chicken recipe by using either hot, medium, or mild chili powder to suit your taste.

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    Garlic and Lemon Beer Can Chicken

    Garlic Lemon Beer Can Chicken
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    This crowd-pleasing beer can chicken has a fantastic garlic and lemon flavor. Serve this chicken at cookouts and grilling parties with classic side dishes like potato salad and coleslaw. Or shred the roasted chicken meat and enjoy it in wraps, sandwiches, and burritos.

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    Memphis-Style Beer Can Chicken

    Memphis-Style Beer Can Chicken
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    This beer butt chicken gets a dose of serious Memphis-style barbecue flavors with a fantastic spice rub on the outside and all those rich seasonings in the can. Brown sugar adds some sweetness to the peppers and spices in the rub. This chicken is fantastic served with your favorite barbecue sauce on the side or in a hot chicken sandwich.

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    Crabby Drunken Chicken

    Crabby Drunken Chicken

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    This beer butt chicken recipe with the apt name serves up a taste of the South that your grilling party guests are sure to enjoy. Cajun seasonings are added to the spice rub and crab boil is added to the beer to give this whole roasted chicken a tender, juicy, down-home flavor.

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    Greek-Style Beer Can Chicken

    Greek-Style Beer Can Chicken
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    If you love the classic Greek flavor combination of lemon and oregano, this beer can chicken recipe is sure to become a go-to on your grill. Serve Greek-style beer can chicken with classic Greek side dishes such as grilled potatoes, vegetable kebabs, hot cooked rice, pitas, and hummus dip.

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    Herb and White Wine Beer Can Chicken

    Herb and white wine beer can chicken
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    This more sophisticated version of beer can chicken calls for white wine instead of beer, proving that there is more than one way to use this great cooking method. The wine in this recipe gives the chicken a unique and delicious flavor that combines easily with so many classic cookout sides, from coleslaw to french fries.

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    Jamaican Jerk Beer Can Chicken (or Turkey)

    Jamaican Jerk Beer Can Chicken (or Turkey)
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    Serve up grilled chicken infused with the taste of the Caribbean this summer. This Jamaican-style beer butt recipe for chicken or turkey delivers a moist and juicy bird with all the tangy and spicy flavors of jerk seasonings. Adjust the cooking times depending on the weight of the bird.

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    Beer Can Chicken in the Oven

    Oven Beercan Chicken Recipe
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    When you don't feel like grilling (like on rainy days), you can use your oven to cook up an authentic beer but chicken that tastes just as good as if you'd made it on your barbecue.