The 3 Best Tasting Veggie Burgers Reviewed

Veggie burgers

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There are so many different veggie burger brands available at most grocery stores these days. Wondering which is best? Read on to find out! While these are our favorites, you may be looking for something else in a veggie burger, so, if you find that you don't like the first one you try, make sure to try another brand until you find one that suits your tastes. Also, if you're eating vegan, be sure to read the ingredients list and label, as some store-bought veggie burgers are egg-free and dairy-free, but many are not. 

Prefer to make your own at home? You can make veggies burgers right in the comfort of your own kitchen

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    Boca Burgers Original Vegan Burger

    Vegetarian soy burger with spinach

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    Boca Burgers Original Vegan Burger has a very meaty, chewy texture and is lower in fat than most other veggie burgers with just a half a gram of fat per patty. Because it has such a meat-like taste, it can be a bit bland. Try sprucing it up with a bit of garlic salt and a dash of pepper or barbecue sauce before cooking.

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    Morningstar Farms' Garden Veggie Burger

    Morningstar Garden Veggie burger


    This isn't the veggie burger to try if you're looking for a genuinely meaty taste and textures. Made from vegetables rather than a chewy meat substitute, Morningstar Farms' Garden Veggie burger is a lighter and high-fiber veggie burger. If you generally don't like mock meat products, this is the veggie burger for you. It also comes in a new "nugget" format if you're looking for a snack, rather than a burger, per se. Note that the Morningstar Farms Garden Veggie Burger contains wheat gluten and egg whites, so it is neither gluten-free nor vegan. 

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    Quorn Meat-Free Chicken Patties

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    It's not exactly a veggie burger, so it doesn't qualify, but vegan chicken patties are a chicken substitute that can be grilled or cooked and prepared just like a veggie burger and they taste so great we just had to include them! They've got a very chicken-like and smoky flavor that's great on a bun or crumbled into pasta or stir-fries. Boca, Quorn, and Morningstar brands all make a meat-free chicken patty (the Quorn meat-free chicken patties brand is vegetarian but not vegan), and we've never had one we didn't like. Yummm!