Understanding the Top Blade or Flat Iron Steak Cut

Flatiron Steak - Raw
Flatiron Steak - Raw. Regarding BBQ Inc.

Definition: Probably one of the must under appreciated steaks, the Top Blade Steak may be more commonly called the "Flat Iron Steak". This tender and flavorful little steak is cut from the top blade roast and comes from the chuck primal. This is one of my favorite cuts for making sandwiches.

Perfect for the grill (or broiling) this steak has such a great flavor that it requires no real seasoning. Tender enough to cook through medium without a marinade (though I would if I were forced to cook this to medium well or well). This is a perfect steak on its own, but also in a wide range of beef dishes. I ​makes great tacos.

Flat Iron Steak Recipes:


Also Known As: Flatiron Steak, Top Boneless Chuck Steak, Petite Steak, Lifter Steak, Triangle Steak, Book Steak, Chuck Clod Top Blade, Butler Steak, Shoulder Top Blade Steak.

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