Britain's Top 10 Favorite Foods and Drinks

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    Top 10 Favorite British Foods

    Full English breakfast at Duck & Waffle
    Duck & Waffle

    What foods do the British like best? Several British organizations, including The Telegraph and Discover Cornwall, have conducted surveys. Though immigration and globalization have changed British tastes somewhat over the years, there are quite a few classic British dishes (and meals) that remain top of the list. If you're thinking about visiting Britain anytime soon, you'll want to be sure to try at least a few of these quintessential taste treats. 


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    Bacon Sandwiches

    British Bacon Sandwich. Getty

    The Bacon Butty is Britain's favorite food!  It's not too hard to believe, because...who doesn't love bacon?  It's smell alone is intoxicating and it tastes perfect between two slices of toasted bread!

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    Roast Dinners

    Sunday Lunch. Steve Lupton - Getty

    Roast dinners are quintessentially British. The roast itself, its delicious sides, and of course gravy. British Sunday lunch is also known as a Sunday Roast and is the very heart of British food and cooking!

    If you're invited to a British (or Irish) home for the Sunday roast, you can expect to be served a roast meat (often lamb), along with roast potato and/or Yorkshire pudding, stuffing, gravy, and one or more vegetables such as parsnips, brussels sprouts, peas, carrots, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, or leeks. In addition to the traditional gravy, some families also serve cheese sauce for the veggies. Bring your appetite!


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    Cup of Tea

    A Cup of Tea. Getty

    Both the British and Irish nations are huge tea drinkers. Everyone has their idea on how to make a proper cup of tea. But no matter what way you serve it, it is truly a national favorite. British tea is both a drink and a meal.

    If you're planning to partake of a true English tea, you may be served one of several types of traditional tea from India or China. In addition, you may be offered a light snack (bread and butter, cookies, or tea sandwiches). Another variation on English tea is the "cream tea," which is usually served in the West Country (Devon and Cornwall). Cream tea includes jam and clotted cream (similar to whipped cream) served with scones.

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    Fish and Chips

    fish and chips
    British Fish, Chips and Mushy Peas. Elaine Lemm

    The beloved fish and chips! Deep-fried fish in a crispy batter with fat golden chips is still one of Britain and Ireland's favorite meals. The choice of fish served in a traditional fish and chips meal is usually cod or haddock, though pollack, plaice, and even tilapia may be substituted. Of course, British "chips" are identical with American French fries!

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    Yorkshire Pudding

    Yorkshire Pudding: Easy Yorkshire Pudding Recipe
    Yorkshire Pudding Recipe. Photo © RFB Photography

    Yorkshire pudding is often part of the traditional roast dinner and is nothing like an American pudding. In fact, Yorkshire pudding is very much like a giant popover.

    A 1737 recipe explains how to use the "pudding" to make use of drippings from a roast of mutton: "Make a good batter as for pancakes; put in a hot toss-pan over the fire with a bit of butter to fry the bottom a little then put the pan and butter under a shoulder of mutton, instead of a dripping pan, keeping frequently shaking it by the handle and it will be light and savoury, and fit to take up when your mutton is enough; then turn it in a dish and serve it hot."

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    Full English Breakfast

    Full English breakfast at Duck & Waffle
    Duck & Waffle

    The Full breakfast is famous. It is the perfect weekend breakfast indulgence.  It really is a FULL breakfast in every sense of the word! While the precise ingredients vary from place to place, some common choices include fried eggs, sausages, bacon, toast, beans, grilled tomato, fried mushrooms, fried potatoes, and black and/or white pudding.

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    Cornish Pasties

    Cornish pasty
    Cornish Pasty. Andy Stewart London / Getty Images

    A Cornish Pasty is a delicious way to eat savory meats and vegetables in a beautiful shortcrust pastry!  Nothing beats a hot one fresh out of the oven. A classic Cornish pasty includes beef, onion, and potato along with a turnip-like vegetable called a swede. 

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    Strawberries and Cream

    strawberries and cream
    Zarrion Walker / Getty Images

    Nothing is better in early summer than strawberries and cream! They are fragrant, sweet, and fresh.

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    English Crumpets. Andrew Dernie - Getty

    Crumpets are the perfect, afternoon tea treat, served warm with lots of butter. Round muffins with a distinctive texture, they are soft, and are absolutely perfect for soaking up butter along side a warm cup of tea!

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    British Beer
    British Beer. Photo © Getty Images

    Britain is known for its amazing pubs, so of course, we are also known for our delicious beers. British beers are now available internationally in a variety of styles including bitter, India Pale Ale, stout, porter, and lager.