Top 10 Cake Mix Recipes

Make Cakes and More With These Recipes

Wondering what to do you do with all of those cake mixes you bought for a great price at your local warehouse club? You'll find some of the most popular cake recipes, and more, made with a cake mix listed below.
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    Bacardi Rum Cake

    Bacardi Rum Cake Recipe

    The Spruce

    The is the most popular recipe on my site that begins with a cake mix. If you like rum, you'll enjoy this cake. It's one of those cakes that are perfect for mailing, too. Many of these cakes have gone overseas to American soldiers. The rum not only keeps the cake moist, but it keeps it from spoiling, too.

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    Pistachio Cake

    Pistachio cake
    James Baigrie/Photodisc/Getty Images

    Cool and green is the best way to describe this cake. Not only does it start with a cake mix, but the recipe, including the frosting, uses two boxes of instant pudding. I love nuts, and so I add a lot to this recipe.

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    Pig Pickin' Cake a.k.a. Mandarin Orange Cake

    Orange Turmeric Cake
    Gluten Free Orange Turmeric Cake Recipe. ©Lizzie Moult of

    I get tons of email on this cake recipe as well. A lot of people grew-up with this cake. It's a very lights and creamy cake.

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    Piña Colada Cake

    Pina Colada Cake
    Pina Colada Cake. Diana Rattray

    Don't let the name fool you; you won't get tipsy from this cake. It has all of the delicious pina colada flavor without the rum!

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    Pineapple Upside Down Cake

    Pineapple Upside Down Cake
    Brian Hagiwara / Getty Images

    I came up with this recipe after deciding I wanted more pineapple in my cake. It's a very moist cake. If you like pineapple, you'll like this cake.

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    Pumpkin Dump Cake

    Pumpkin Dessert
    Pumpkin Dessert. MOIRENC Camille / Images

    Dump cakes use the cake mix in a different way. The cake mix is sprinkled on top of the other ingredients. Then something wet like melted butter is poured on top of the mix. Once baked, the cake mix turns into a crust.

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    Quick Chocolate Coca-Cola Cake

    Coca Cola Cake
    Classic Coca Cola Cake. Diana Rattray

    Being from Atlanta, I just love my Coca-Cola. What makes my favorite soft drink even better is combining it with a chocolate cake mix.

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    Peach Cobbler

    Peach Cobbler With Cream
    Peach Cobbler With Cream. Diana Rattray

    Here's a recipe for a cobbler using a cake mix.

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    Cake Mix Muffins

    Apple Bacon Muffins
    Apple Bacon Muffins. Diana Rattray

    There were only four ingredients in this simple recipe for Easy Smeezy Apple Muffins using a cake mix.