Top 12 Chinese Restaurant Recipes

Chinese Egg Drop Soup

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You don't need to order take-out or head to your favorite Chinese restaurant every time you get a yen for Fried Rice or Sweet and Sour Pork. Below we list 12 of our favorite Chinese restaurant recipes that you can easily make at home:

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    Spring Rolls

    Spring rolls
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    Spring rolls have their origins in the annual Spring festival celebrating the return of Spring. The first spring rolls featured vegetables from the harvest; meat was added later. 

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    Egg Rolls

    Egg rolls
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    Egg rolls are made with thicker wrappers than spring rolls.

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    Wonton Soup

    Wonton Soup
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    The word wonton means "swallowing clouds," and the plump pork-filled wontons in this soup do resemble clouds. To make the dish, wonton wrappers are filled with ground pork and seasonings, boiled, and then added to chicken broth or stock for a final heating.

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    Beef With Broccoli

    Beef with broccoli stir-fry
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    How do restaurant chefs get the beef so tender in this dish? They “velvet” the meat in hot oil before combining it with broccoli in an oyster-flavored sauce.

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    Sweet and Sour Pork

    Sweet and sour beef
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    The sauce is the star of the show in this dish. Most versions use pineapple juice and combine it with vinegar, sugar, ketchup or tomato paste and pineapple chunks, green bell pepper and shredded carrot. The warmed sauce is poured over pork cubes that have been coated with batter and deep-fried.

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    Ginger Beef

    Ginger Beef
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    The staple dish of Chinese restaurants and take-outs, ginger beef consists of crisp, chewy morsels of beef that are coated in a tangy sauce.

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    Egg Drop Soup

    Chinese Egg Drop Soup

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    Also known as Egg Flower Soup, this is the popular dish in which lightly beaten eggs are streamed into the broth at the very end.

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    Kung Pao Chicken

    Kung Pao Chicken
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    Named after a court official or "Kung Pao," Kung Pao Chicken is a spicy Szechuan dish made with diced chicken, peanuts and chili peppers.

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    Chicken Fried Rice

    Chicken fried rice
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    In this recipe, chicken, rice, and vegetables are pan-fried with bits of scrambled egg.

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    Chinese Green Beans

    Chinese Green Beans Recipe

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    This popular Szechuan dish is a staple at Chinese restaurant buffets.

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    Candied Banana Fritters

    Candied fried bananas
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    Have you ever had banana fritters? This recipe goes one step further – the deep-fried pieces of banana are dipped in caramelized sugar and then in ice water to harden. You'll also find this popular Chinese restaurant dessert called "Toffee Bananas."

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    Mango Pudding

    Lactose-Free Mango Pudding

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    This simple pudding features the indescribable flavor of mangoes. This recipe is from the HeartSmart series, and uses evaporated milk instead of fresh cream to reduce the fat.