Special Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes

chocolate chip cookies

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The Toll House cookie claims the distinction of first chocolate chip cookie, but since the development of that iconic recipe, still printed on bags of Nestle chocolate chips, bakers across the country have taken the idea and made it their own. It's often the first thing a child helps make in the kitchen, and entire cookbooks filled with variations exist. The overwhelming number of recipes might make you feel like running to the cookie aisle at the grocery store. Resist the urge and try one...MORE of these special chocolate chip cookie recipes instead.

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    peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and espresso
     Diana Rattray

    Do you crave chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies? With these cookies, you get the best of both worlds. Use smooth or chunky peanut butter in these fab cookies.

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    chocolate chip cookies
     Diana Rattray

    If you have a cookie craving and don't want to make enough to feed an army, this is the recipe for you! These chocolate chip cookies will take you back to your childhood.


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    chocolate chip cookies and coffee
     Diana Rattray

    Bake these chocolate chip cookies with chopped pecans or walnuts, or add extra chocolate chips. The choice is yours! 

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    Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
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    Nutty-tasting browned butter and lots of vanilla give these chocolate chip cookies some extra special depth of flavor. You can customize your cookies with milk, dark or even white chocolate chips, and add your favorite nut if you want.

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    Chocolate Chip Cookies With Ricotta Cheese
    Diana Rattray

     These cookies get their signature flavor and pillowy texture from ricotta cheese. Vanilla adds the background notes. Add finely chopped nuts along with the mini chocolate chips if you like a little extra crunch.

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    basic chocolate chip cookies
     Diana Rattray

    Basic definitely doesn't mean boring when there are chocolate chips in the equation. You can build on this foundation recipe with variations ranging from the addition of nuts or candy to swapping various flavors of chips for the chocolate.

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    Cowboy Cookies
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    With a peanut butter base, oatmeal in the mix and the expected chocolate chips, this is the hybrid best-of-all-worlds cookie. Go ahead and really build out the theme by serving them with a cup of cowboy coffee in a speckled camp mug.

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    Forgotten Cookies With Chocolate Chips
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     The name "Forgotten Cookies" comes from the recipe instructions to turn off the oven and "forget" them overnight. The cookies continue to bake in the oven as it cools down, yielding a thin but crisp crust and an airy interior.

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    Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Diana Rattray

    The inspirational pairing for many decadent desserts, peanut butter, and chocolate also make a perfect duo in simple soft and chewy cookies. Make a double batch because this store well for up to a week.

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    Ranger Cookies
    Diana Rattray

     Cornflakes, oats, pecans, coconut and chocolate chips give these great little cookies loads of flavor and texture. Pack them as a comparatively nutritious treat for your little rangers when they head off to summer camp—or for your grown rangers at work.

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    Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Diana Rattray

    Cream cheese gives these chocolate chip cookies a cake-like texture with plenty of flavors. With this easily adaptable recipe, you could donate several variations to the bake sale with only minor adjustments to the ingredients.