Top 7 Coffee Cocktail Recipes

The best and most popular coffee cocktail and alcoholic drink recipes, for both hot or iced drinks. Coffee doesn't have to be just your early morning pick-me-up. Mix up a cocktail for after hours too.

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    Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee

    An elegant coffee and chocolate cocktail, served in a warm wine glass. Share this with a partner for a relaxing drink by the fireplace.

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    Jamaican Coffee

    Tia Maria is always a fine addition to a cup of coffee, to add even more coffee flavour and a bit of vanilla sweetness. And a good shot of Jamaican rum doesn't hurt either. Topped with freshly whipped cream.

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    Wine Coffee Froth

    An unusual mix of Muscatel wine and coffee, in a chilled glass. The sweet wine makes this a nice drink to have after dinner along with some dessert.

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    Hard Coffee Soda

    A chocolate and coffee milkshake, with light rum. The perfect treat to serve when outside, firing up the grill. It will keep you cool on even the hottest day.

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    Spanish Coffee

    Tia Maria, rum and coffee. Nice and easy. The Tia Maria gives this Spanish coffee cocktail some added coffee flavour. You can use light or dark rum, depending on your taste.

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    A Night in Florida

    A potent mix of different tastes in this coffee cocktail. The recipe only serves one, but you'll want to make more to impress your friends. A Night in Florida is a popular party drink, and you sure can't beat the great name.

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    Irish Coffee

    You can't go wrong with this simple but classic recipe for Irish coffee. It's usually served with a thick dollop of whipped cream on top.