Top 9 Aphrodisiac Food Cookbooks for Lovers

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History is ripe with the human pursuit of aphrodisiacs in many forms, particularly food. Scientific tests have proven that some aromas can cause a more significant physical response than the actual ingestion of food. For any celebration of love, these cookbooks can help you plan and cook a romantic dinner for your partner.

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    'The New InterCourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook'

    Not many cookbooks can claim to be sexy as well as functional. This hardcover by Martha Hopkins and Randall Lockridge brings sex to the kitchen in a classy, entertaining manner with not only more than 85 recipes, but also a collection of sensual food art. History, lore, and recipes are all designed to get the saliva flowing as well as the blood.

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    'The Seduction Cookbook: Culinary Creations for Lovers'

    Become a kitchen god or goddess with both recipes and techniques. This hardcover by Diane Browne has tips on setting the mood as well as delectable finger food starters, seductive entrees and side dishes, heavenly desserts, and late-night snacks. Don't forget the morning-after recipes. Peruse the love menu suggestions for any romantic occasion.

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    '50 Ways to Feed Your Lover'

    This hardcover by Janeen A. Sarlin & Jennifer Rosenfeld Saltiel includes recipes from some of America's most famous restaurant and television chefs. They're meant to complement any occasion—birthday, anniversary, engagement, Valentine's Day or just because—and create a romantic mood. The chef recipes are accompanied by their own personal experiences, anecdotes, and tips.

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    'A Taste for Love: A Romantic Cookbook for Two'

    Along with such recipes as pleasantly puffed scallops and chocolate Kahlua souffle, this hardcover book by Elizabeth M. Harbison and Mary McGowan offers menus, decorating ideas, music suggestions, and poems. From perfect picnics to breakfast in bed, you're sure to find something to get that special someone in the mood.

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    'Fork Me, Spoon Me: The Sensual Cookbook'

    Author Amy Reiley is a Cordon-Bleu trained chef, and it shows in her recipes. In this paperback, there are more than 40 sensual recipes sure to delight the foodie as well as novice, Reiley delves into the background of foods as aphrodisiacs and how to use them to your advantage for romance and fun.

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    'Cooking in the Nude: Playful Gourmets'

    Debbie and Stephen Cornwell's paperback offers recipes such as exotic, erotic chicken, sea nymph promise and hanky-panky greens. The flirtatious recipes are offered up with a good dose of humor. As the warning label states: Excessive use of this book may result in the lack of sleep. Best to reserve these meals for those extraordinary occasions.

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    'Table for Two: The Cookbook for Couples'

    Spending time together in the kitchen can be a very satisfying experience, but what if you don't want anything super-fancy or gourmet? If you want something tasty, reasonably easy to prepare and designed for couples with a minimum of leftovers, Warren Caterson's paperback is the book for you. Suitable for newlyweds to empty-nesters, the book covers basic techniques along with 235 recipes using fresh and easy-to-find ingredients.

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    'Will Cook for Sex: A Guy's Guide to Cooking'

    Women always seem to be impressed by a guy who knows his way around the kitchen. With step-by-step photography, this hardcover by Rocky Fino makes it simple to cook a delectable meal for that someone special in your life. This award-winning cookbook would make a great gift (and hint) for your man.

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    'Venus in the Kitchen: Or Love's Cookery Book'

    Norman Douglas delves deeply into aphrodisiacs with wit and surprisingly sober interest in this paperback volume. Even if some of the exotic ingredients (such as a crane or leopard marrow) are unavailable or don't quite seem appealing to the palate, the recipes are undoubtedly interesting reading for the foodie who usually tries anything once.