Top 10 Easter BBQ Dishes for the Grill or Smoker

Easter is traditionally the beginning of spring for many people and, therefore, the first good cookout weekend of the year. This is also a big food weekend filled with ham, lamb, turkey, and prime rib, so this is the perfect time to fire up your grill or smoker and make a great meal. Remember that anything you can roast in your oven can be cooked outdoors for more flavor, more fun, and more cooking space in the kitchen for everything else you plan to prepare. 

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    Honey Glazed Smoked Ham

    Honey glazed ham

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    This is a great way to take a regular cooked ham and turn it into something spectacular by applying a spicy rub and placing it in a smoker. Let it smoke for a long while and this honey glazed smoked ham will taste great.

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    Grilled Prime Rib Roast

    Prime rib roast

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    This classic grilled prime rib roast recipe is cooked on the grill. The secret is to keep the temperature low enough during cooking and to remove it from the grill when done. Be sure to grill indirectly and also use a drip pan to catch the drippings.

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    Grilled Lobster Tails

    Grilled lobster tails recipe

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    These grilled lobster tails are perfect for any occasion. If you don't have a lot of experience grilling shellfish, then this easy recipe is for you.

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    Herb and Red Wine Rotisserie Leg of Lamb

    Herb and red wine rotisserie leg of lamb

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    This herb and red wine rotisserie leg of lamb is marinated with a delicious wine and herb mixture, placed on a rotisserie and basted throughout the cooking process. It's perfect for the holidays and any large party.

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    Herb Rotisserie Turkey

    Herb rotisserie turkey

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    Next time you decide to roast a turkey, try it rotisserie-style on the grill. This herb rotisserie turkey is a simple, easy-to-follow, delicious recipe for beginners.

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    Rotisserie Glazed Ham

    Rotisserie glazed ham

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    This method of heating a ham gives it that crusty sweet coating that everyone loves. Start with low heat to get the ham up to temperature, then glaze and put on the flame to caramelize the sugar and give it a good crust. Everyone will love this rotisserie glazed ham.

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    Greek Marinated Leg of Lamb

    Greek marinated leg of lamb


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    This is a classic Greek-style rotisserie leg of lamb. A great meal for any occasion or holiday, such as Easter. This Greek marinated leg of lamb is so good you'll want to celebrate Tuesday with it.

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    Turkey on a Spit

    Turkey on a spit

    The Spruce 

    This turkey on a spit is a basic recipe for a rotisserie turkey. Remember that you have to have a rotisserie kit that is strong enough for the weight of the bird.

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    Herb and Garlic Lamb Loin Chops

    Herb and garlic loin lamb chops

    The Spruce 

    This herb and garlic lamb loin chop has a Greek style to it. These chops are loaded with tenderness and flavor. Be sure to get the loin chops versus regular lamb chops.

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    Greek Lamb Marinade

    Greek style lamb marinade

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    This Greek lamb marinade can be applied to any meat but is particularly good on lamb. Let the meat marinate for a while so the flavors can infuse.