Top 10 Eastern European Desserts

Eastern Europeans have a charming tradition of offering "cake and coffee" to any guest who visits, expected or unexpected. That means some type of dessert has to be on hand in the pantry at all times. Those that are moist and have a long shelf life like ​Cream Cheese Pound Cake, Nut Roll, Strudel, Bread Pudding and those that can be pulled together quickly are the darlings of the Eastern European cook. Here are 10 to try.

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    Polish Royal Mazurek. Barbara Rolek

    A Mazurek is a flaky, flat Polish pastry traditionally served at Easter time. But its buttery crust has made it mandatory at any special occasion year-round. This mazurek is "royal" because the dollops of preserves in the latticework resemble the jewels in a crown. Read more about Polish mazurek.

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    Hungarian Dobosh Torte
    Hungarian Dobosh Torte. Barbara Rolek

    This seven-layer Hungarian cake sports a caramel top.

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    Croatian / Serbian Nut Roll. Barbara Rolek

    This is one of the moistest nut rolls I've had the pleasure to taste. The recipe comes to me by way of Sophia Saliwonczyk.

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    Polish Kolaczki
    Polish Kolaczki. Barbara Rolek

    Polish kolaczki are flaky filled cookies that can be made in diamond shapes, rounds or with all four corners folded in toward the center.

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    Polish Cheesecake - Sernik
    Polish Cheesecake - Sernik. Barbara Rolek

    Polish cheesecake - sernik - is a rich, delicious dessert not at all like the American cream cheesecakes most people are used to.

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    Polish Chrusciki
    Polish Chrusciki. Barbara Rolek

    Polish crullers - chrusciki - are more familiarly known as angel wings. They are a flaky and light fried pastry dusted with confectioners' sugar.

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    Croatian / Slovenian Nut Roll
    Croatian / Slovenian Nut Roll. Barbara Rolek

    Croatian povitica - also known as Slovenian potica - is a sweet yeast bread roll with a moist walnut filling.

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    Croatian Chocolate Bajadera Torte
    Croatian Chocolate Bajadera Torte. Barbara Rolek

    This rich Croatian dessert has seven layers of wafer and chocolate-nut filling. You'll need a strong cup of Croatian Turkish-style coffee with this one!

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    Hungarian Indianer - Cream Puffs
    Hungarian Indianer - Cream Puffs. Barbara Rolek

    Indianer - Hungarian cream puffs - are like French​ profiteroles.

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    Czechoslovakian Bublanina
    Czechoslovakian Bublanina. Barbara Rolek

    Bublanina, a Czechoslovakian dessert, is made with whatever fruit is most plentiful at the time.