Top 9 Eastern European Pancake Recipes

Sometimes I just don't feel like fussing for dinner. That's when I bring in the big guns -- pancakes! Thin pancakes, thick pancakes, pancakes with sweet toppings, pancakes with savory fillings. There's so much to like about pancakes and Eastern European pancakes come in an infinite variety. Here are some to choose from.

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    Lithuanian Pancake Recipe - Blynai or Sklindziai

    Stack of pancakes with maple syrup
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    Lithuanian pancakes are a popular treat for Shrove Tuesday along with spurgos (doughnuts). This recipe is made with white wheat flour and beaten egg whites, which makes a very light pancake. They are silver-dollar size and usually accompanied by honey or fruit preserves.

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    Russian Blini Recipe

    Russian Blini
    Russian Blini. Juergen Holz / Getty Images

    Traditional Russian blini are made with a yeast-raised buckwheat flour batter and have a nutty flavor. Today, blini are prepared hundreds of ways -- with white flour only, cornmeal, sweet, savory, you name it. And their accompaniments have gone beyond the traditional caviar, smoked salmon, minced onion, chopped eggs, sour cream and a sip or two of vodka.

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    Polish Potato Pancakes Recipe - Placki Kartoflane or Ziemniaczane

    Potato Pancakes
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    When I was little, my mother made placki kartoflane, or placki ziemniaczane (potato pancakes), on meatless days. They were thin and crispy and sprinkled with granulated sugar.

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    Croatian/Serbian Palachinke Recipe

    Stack of pancakes
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    Croatian-Serbian palachinke/palacinke are thin crepe-like pancakes. When they are filled with jam, fruit, or sweet or savory cheeses and rolled, they are still known as palachinke (blintzes).

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    Polish Crepes Recipe - Nalesniki

    Nalesniki with blueberry
    Nalesniki with blueberry. Susánica Tam / Wikimedia Commons and Flickr / CC-BY-2.0

    Polish nalesniki are crepe-like pancakes that can be made thin, as in this recipe, or thick. When they are filled with jam, fruit, or sweet or savory fillings, they are known as blintzes, but the name in Polish remains the same.

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    Hungarian Crepes Recipe - Palacsinta

    Sweet Pancakes
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    Hungarian palascinta are paper-thin pancakes served rolled or folded into triangles with fruit fillings, ground nuts or whipped cream. When they are stacked to form a cake, it is called rakott palacsinta. They are similar to French crepes, Polish nalesniki and Croatian/Serbian palachinke, among others. This recipe is for sweet fillings. See this palacsinta recipe for a savory pancake.

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    Jewish Cheese Blintzes Recipe

    Cheese blintz
    Cheese blintz. Eisenhut and Mayer Wien / Getty Images

    This rolled crepe recipe is filled with sweet cheese and then fried in butter. The crepe or pancake recipe can be used for savory fillings also since there is no sugar in the batter.

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    Polish Rice Pancakes Recipe - Placuszki z Ryzu

    Basmati rice on a wooden spoon with steam
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    This recipe for Polish rice pancakes fries up crispy and light and, like potato pancakes, can be eaten as a vegetarian or fasting side dish or main meal with sour cream or with sugar.

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    Jewish Potato Latkes for Passover Recipe

    Potato latkes
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    This potato latke recipe is suitable for Passover because it is made with matzoh meal, not flour, and it comes together quickly because it's made in a food processor. Serve with applesauce and sour cream.