Eastern European Savory Pie Recipes

From a Polish potato pie to Serbian meat burek

There are plenty of sweet Eastern European pies, but there are also several savory recipes to enjoy as a meal or snack. They can be made with flaky pastry dough, yeast doughs, and filo dough. From cheese- or meat-filled bureks to pies stuffed with cabbage, there is a nice variety of recipes to share with family and friends.

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    Kulebjaka: Russian Cabbage Pie

    Russian Cabbage Pie or Kulebjaka
    Barbara Rolek

    Kulebjaka (Russian cabbage pie) is similar to a savory turnover like a Mexican empanada or Italian calzone, but in more substantial form. Kulebjaka can be made with a flaky puff pastry or a pie dough, or a yeast dough as it is in this recipe. The cabbage combined with onions, hard cooked eggs, and fresh dill is layered between the raw dough, which is then sealed closed and baked to create a savory pocket.

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    Baba Kartoflana or Kartoflak: Polish Potato Pie

    Polish Potato Pie or Baba Kartoflana
    Barbara Rolek

    Although this baby kartoflana or kartoflak (Polish potato pie) recipe doesn't have a traditional pie crust, it is considered a pie in Poland and is similar to the Lithuanian kugelis, a potato pudding or casserole. Grated potatoes combine with lots of bacon and eggs to make a savory dish that can be served for breakfast or brunch, as well as a side dish or a main course. The bacon drippings on the bottom of the pan add a decadent touch. Cut into wedges or slices and garnish with a dollop of sour cream if desired.

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    Burek sa Sirom: Serbian Cheese Pie (Americanized)

    Serbian Cheese Burek
    Barbara Rolek

    Burek is a meat, cheese, or vegetable pie made with flaky filo dough. You will find a wide range of recipes for burek in Bulgarian, Serb, Bosnian, Macedonian, and Greek kitchens; this burek sa sirom: Serbian cheese pie (Americanized) is made in a 9-inch-by-13-inch pan in the Armenian style (boreg) like Greek baklava. The Jack and cottage cheeses in this recipe make it an Americanized version, but delicious nonetheless!

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    Burek sa Sirom: Serbian Cheese Pie With Feta

    Cheese burek
    Romana Lilic/Getty Images

    This burek sa sirom: Serbian cheese pie with feta recipe is made in a round pan, but there are also coiled, rolled, and triangle-shaped varieties. Feta and cream cheese combine with eggs and fresh parsley and dill to create a creamy and flavorful filling that is sandwiched between layers of flaky filo dough. Serve as a main course or cut into wedges for appetizer portions.

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    Burek Sa Mesom: Serbian Meat Burek

    Beef Burek
    Romana Lilic/Getty Images

    A simple meat filling of either just ground beef, or a combination of beef, pork, and lamb, is nestled between layers of filo dough and then baked, making this burek sa mesom (Serbian meat burek) a satisfying savory pie that everyone will love. Before refrigerating and then baking, a mixture of eggs, yogurt, and soda water are poured over the pie, resulting in a beautiful golden brown top that is nice and crispy.

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    Banitza/Banitsa: Bulgarian Savory Cheese Pie Appetizer

    Bulgarian Cheese Banitza
    Barbara Rolek

    A simple mixture of Bulgarian feta cheese, yogurt, and eggs make up the filling for these cigar-shaped filo dough hand-held pies. This banitza/banitsa: Bulgarian savory cheese pie appetizer can be served as part of a meze (appetizer) spread, as a first course, or as a vegetarian main course. You can form the rolled cylinders into "s" shapes or keep straight.

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    Pita Zeljanica: Serbian Spinach Pie

    Serbian Spinach Pie Recipe - Pita Zeljanica
    S.Mader/ U. Schmid /Getty Images

    This pita zeljanica (Serbian spinach pie) recipe may remind you of the Greek spanakopita with its spinach and feta filling between flaky layers of filo dough. It can be served as an appetizer, side dish, or vegetarian main course. This recipe calls for baking it in a rectangular dish, but you can also use a round cake pan.