The Top 6 Chinese Dessert Recipes You Have to Try

Desserts from China vary in flavor, texture, and even in shape, in comparison to western cuisine. In fact, dessert is often served in a traditional teahouse in Southern China, while desserts in the west are often found at every restaurant and store.

Chinese desserts tend to be one of two extremes: a few pieces of fresh fruit or a decadent concoction that can take hours to prepare. While both have their place, sometimes you just crave something in the middle—like a dessert that is easy to make and impresses your family and friends. Below are some delicious and easy dessert recipes popular in China.

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    Almond Float

    Almond Float
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    An almond float is a simple dessert made with almond flavored gelatin and topped with fruit. Simply gather ingredients like gelatin, sugar, and almond extract to make this refreshing dessert. Mandarin oranges or fruit cocktail is recommended, but this recipe is very adaptable and can use various types of canned or fresh fruit, as desired, for sweetness.

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    Chilled Melon Fruit Salad

    Melon Salad
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    Chinese melon fruit salad is an assortment of fruits that are lightly coated with a sugary syrup and attractively arranged in hollowed melon halves. This is a great refreshing recipe to serve guests.

    The fruit salad should be cleaned and scrubbed properly before being shaped into a ball with a melon baller. Fresh mint is a great addition to this recipe that involves honey, sugar, raspberry nectar, lemon juice, and more.

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    Steamed Pears With Honey

    Steamed Pears With Honey

    In this simple dish, pears are filled with honey and dates, and gently steamed. If Asian pears are hard to find, use Bartlett pears as an alternative. With just four ingredients, this simple recipe takes about 35 minutes to cook and prepare. Those with a sweet tooth will love this dish. It's also an excellent choice for anyone suffering from a cold or a sore throat.

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    Pina Colada Tofu Shake

    The Coco Colada is a non-alcoholic version of the Pina Colada
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    This simple shake makes a great dessert, snack, or breakfast when you're on the run. Simply combine silken tofu, milk, banana, pineapple, and coconut extract to make this rich cocktail shake. You can also substitute coconut extract for creamed coconut as needed. To turn this into a high protein shake, make sure to use soy milk and add a small amount of wheat germ.

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    Hot Bananas in Coconut Milk

    Hot Bananas in Coconut Milk
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    Coconut milk lends a sweet flavor to bananas in this quick and easy recipe. It also makes a light dessert for two and can easily be doubled to serve a group of four.

    Simply peel two large bananas and chop it up into bite-sized slices. Then bring coconut milk to a boil, add sugar and cinnamon, and throw the bananas in. This recipe only takes 15 minutes to prepare and cook, making it easy peasy.

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    Bananas in Cinnamon Coconut Sauce

    Banana in coconut milk
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    Coconut milk, cream, and cinnamon make a rich topping for steamed bananas in this recipe. You can also add other Asian fruit, such as mangoes or starfruit, for a different taste. This earthy dessert calls for less than seven ingredients and is perfect for fans of banana and coconut.