7 Frozen Gluten Free Pizzas to Keep on Hand

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    Gluten Free Pizza

    Italian pizza with mushrooms
    Italian pizza with mushrooms. Eugene Mymrin / Getty Images

    Anybody that maintains a gluten-free diet might find it hard to find pizzas that they can eat, especially frozen pizza. If you have the room, it's a very good idea to keep a gluten free pizza in the freezer for those times when an unexpected gluten-free guest lets you know that they can't eat the meal you've prepared. If you have kids and host a lot of pizza parties, this is especially thoughtful since it prevents that child from feeling left out. 

    After testing a big array of gluten-free pizzas, these were the favorites. The differences between them were notable, and both flavor and texture really came into play. Most of these frozen pizzas can be found at most major grocery stores. If you have trouble finding them, check online or ask your grocery store to consider stocking them. 

    Note: Some of the gluten-free products were received from the manufacturers, some were purchased. This had no bearing on the results of the article.

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    Freschetta Gluten Free Thin and Crispy 4 Cheese Medley Pizza

    (c) Freschetta

    This was delicious, and not in a “for a gluten-free pizza” way. These flavors of the cheeses were great, and the thin crust had a nice texture to it. The pizza was not soggy once you baked it on the preheated cookie sheet. This brand is also available in pepperoni and single serving sizes.

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    Trader Joe's Gluten Free 3 Cheese Pizza with Fresh Roma Tomatoes


    The tomatoes in this pizza were surprisingly fresh tasting, but there was a pronounced garlicky note. The pizza had a nice blend of cheeses with one of the better crusts. This one is smaller and serves 2 people.

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    Smart Flour Foods Gluten Free Classic Cheese Pizza

    (c) Smart Flour

    A mozzarella and provolone medley make up the cheese topping on this pizza. There are some healthy grains in the crust like amaranth, teff, and sorghum, which provide added amount of vitamins and protein. This brand is available in uncured pepperoni, garden Margherita, and Italian sausage versions. The unfilled crusts are also available in the freezer aisle if you want to make your own pizza creation.

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    Udi's Gluten Free Margherita Pizza

    (c) Udi's

    This was a popular one with gluten-free folks, saying, “it tastes like real pizza.” The fresh tomatoes set it apart from other options. This brand's pizza is available in regular cheese, pepperoni, spinach, and feta flavors.

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    Glutino Gluten Free Uncured Pepperoni Pizza

    (c) glutino

    The pepperoni was the favorite of this brand’s offerings, which also includes duo cheese (mozzarella and Monterey Jack) and a spinach feta variety. They come in small, single size servings, so they are easy to pull out when there are one or two individuals with gluten intolerances at the table.

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    Joan's Gluten Free Sicilian Pizza

    (c) Joan's

    This pizza is for those who want a slab of that thick-crusted Sicilian pizza. The flavor of the sauce in elicited compliments from the testers. It's also available in a New York Style version with a thick crust edge.

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    Ian's Gluten Free Uncured Pepperoni French Bread Pizza

    (c) Ian's

    If you’ve been longing for French bread pizza, then this is for you. The other big dietary claim Ian’s can make is that there is no milk (casein) in the pizza, so it’s ok for those with dairy allergies. Therefore, the plain cheese version is also vegan. People who are allergic to both dairy and gluten probably never thought they’d have pizza again. Cheese, pepperoni, and supreme versions are available from this brand.