The 7 Best Gas Grills Between $1,000 and $2,000 in 2022

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Buying a new grill for your outdoor cooking setup is a pretty big purchase. Not only do you want to make sure that you’re buying a durable, high-powered appliance, but you also want to make sure that it looks stylish and has a nice design. With so many different models to choose from, it’s important to know what you want from your grill. Size, material, and design are all important factors to consider when choosing a grill. 

If you’re a seasoned outdoor cook and you’re looking for a sturdy, reliable grill that will last you for many grilling seasons, then it’s probably a good idea to look into investing in a more expensive option. These are typically made with better materials, come with better warranties, and, they just have a sleeker look about them.

To help you pick the grill that’s right for your grilling lifestyle, we rounded up the best high-end gas grills between $1,000 and $2,000.

Best Overall: Weber Genesis II E-435 Propane Gas Grill with Sear Burner and Side Burner


Courtesy of Wayfair

What We Like
  • 4 high-powered burners

  • Easy to maneuver

What We Don't Like
  • Smoke box sold separately

This is the perfect grill for a family who grills a ton. It is equipped with a black porcelain-enameled lid as well as porcelain cast-iron cooking grates, which are both extremely durable materials that you can count on for a long time. With four high-powered burners, 646 square inches of cooking space, a side burner, and a sear station burner, you have up to 69,000 BTUs of power for your grilling escapades.

The tuck-away warming rack provides an additional 198 square inches, which totals up to 844 square inches of cooking area. The GS4 high-performance grilling system affords you infinity ignition and stainless steel flavorizer bars, as well as extremely high-performance burners. The iGrill 3 system is compatible with wireless meat probe monitoring using your smartphone, which makes it super easy to churn out perfectly cooked meats every time. 

The grease management system makes for an efficient and safe way to quickly clean up after use. Plus, the side tables and closed-in cabinet make for easy prep and convenient storage. Despite its large size, reviewers are impressed by how easy it is to maneuver the grill around. You also have the option to purchase the grill with a custom cover, an iGrill thermometer, and a protection plan.

Best Runner-Up: Broil King Regal S420 Stainless Steel 4-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill


Courtesy of Lowe's

What We Like
  • 4 high-powered burners

  • 10-year warranty

What We Don't Like
  • No side burners or rotisserie

With upwards of 500 square inches of cooking space, 50,000 BTUs, and four high-powered burners, this gas grill can do it all. There’s even an additional 195 square inches for the warming rack. The stainless steel grid rods heat evenly and quickly, and they clean up nicely and are super durable. The cast aluminum stainless steel cook box maintains heat evenly and effectively, plus it is not prone to rusting like other materials. 

The 180° Sensi-Touch™control feature allows you to monitor the precise temperature of anything from slow cooking to extremely high searing. It also boasts a 10-year warranty on the burners and a lifetime guarantee on the cook box, making this a solid investment. Reviewers are impressed by the ease of assembly and the super high and even heating. Customers also love the wheels that allow for easy movement.

Best Built-in: KitchenAid 4-Burner Built-In Gas Grill Head


Courtesy of Home Depot

What We Like
  • 4 high-powered burners

  • Easy to light

What We Don't Like
  • Prone to warping

This four-burner, built-in grill has some serious power, offering 71,000 BTUs across the burners. In addition to the main burners, there is also a rotisserie and searing burner. The primary burners boast angled flame tamers that work to deflect heat, prevent flare-ups, and turn drippings into flavor infusions that add a rich, smoky flavor to whatever you’re cooking. The battery-operated ignition system makes for easy lighting that’s extremely simple to control and turn off.

Should you want to hook this grill up to natural gas, you have that option, though you may need to seek out a few extra parts to complete the conversion. Reviewers are impressed by how easy it is to assemble, as well as its sleek design. Some reviewers have mentioned a warped cover, which can be avoided by making sure to never have the heat on super high while the grill is on.

Best Kenmore: Kenmore Elite Metallic Gun Metal 4-Burner Gas Grill


Courtesy of Lowe's

What We Like
  • Very little assembly

  • Electronic ignition

What We Don't Like
  • No natural gas hookups

  • Weaker BTU output

Add a bit of color and personality to your outdoor cooking space with this four-burner powerhouse from Kenmore. Equipped with a convenient side burner for reheating, this grill offers 48,000 total BTUs over 750 square inches of cooking space. Electric ignition makes for easy lighting, side shelves give you plenty of extra space, and a pull-out tray allows for super straightforward cleanup.

Reviewers loved that there was very little assembly involved, and are impressed by its durability and longevity. While the amount of BTUs per burner might be less than some competitor models, this is still a well-designed, durable grill for any outdoor cooking enthusiast. With a 15-year warranty on all burners, you don’t have to worry about replacing anything should something break.

Best Napoleon: Napoleon Prestige 500 Propane Gas Grill

Napoleon Prestige 500 Propane Gas Grill

Courtesy of Amazon

What We Like
  • Removable drip pan for easy cleanup

  • Side shelves and locking wheels

What We Don't Like
  • No natural gas conversion

If you’ve got your eyes on a four-burner masterpiece, this Napoleon grill is your best bet. On top of the main burners with a total of 48,000 BTUs, the grill is also equipped with a convenient side burner and a rotisserie. With nearly 760 square inches of cooking space, you’ve got plenty of room for large entertaining meals.

The wide, removable drip pan makes for quick, easy, and straightforward cleanup. The locking wheels and side shelves make for easy transportability and added prep space, respectively. The Napoleon Jetfire ignition with crossover lighting effectively lights each burner easily, also allowing you to light all four at once. Plus, Napoleon offers a 10-year warranty on the burners and flame tamers.

Best Kamado: Vision Icon Hybrid Kamado Grill, Carmine Red

Vision Icon Hybrid Kamado Grill

Williams Sonoma

What We Like
  • Stylish and colorful

  • Can be used as charcoal or gas

  • Side tables and locking wheels

What We Don't Like
  • Less cooking space

Not only does this kamado grill give you the option to ignite with charcoal or gas, but it’s also great for super high-temperature cooking as well as lower and slower cooking. The ceramic material retains heat well and makes it easy to cook your food to perfection. Air vents at the top and bottom make for extremely effective temperature control and there is a temperature gauge so you always know the exact reading of the grill.

The removable ash drawer is great for cleaning up, especially if you’re opting to use charcoal. Locking wheels make it a breeze to move the grill around within your patio setup. The added side shelves offer storage and prep space. While this grill might give you less surface area for cooking, there are plenty of handy design features of the kamado that make up for its comparatively smaller grate space.

Best Island: TYTUS Stainless Steel 4-Burner Liquid Propane and Natural Gas Grill


Courtesy of Wayfair

What We Like
  • Stacked stone finish is aesthetically pleasing

  • 4 burners for added space and power

What We Don't Like
  • Expensive

If you’re looking for a grill that prioritizes style and function, then this is a great option. With four high-powered, dual-port burners, this grill offers 800 square inches to whip up a meal for a large gathering. The stacked stone finish offers a custom look that feels homey and warm for your outdoor cooking space, and this model comes with all of the added bells and whistles. That includes a double-walled ice bucket that keeps your drinks cold while your grill gets hot. The stainless steel is super durable and also cleans easily. 

The four-burner stunner is the perfect balance of good looks and functional design. Customers are impressed by how simple it is to set up and how well it can be incorporated into the design of any outdoor cooking space.

What to Look for in a High-End Gas Grill

Number of Burners/Size

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a new grill is its size and how many different burners it offers. The more burners that you have access to will not only increase your grilling surface area, but you’ll have the ability to create a variety of heat zones. Having the ability to create low, medium, and high heat zones is ideal if you’re going to be cooking a variety of foods at one time, like burgers, hot dogs, and veggies, and keeping things warm as they’re done cooking.

Two burners still allow you to create two different heat zones, but it is more limiting than having three or more. You can buy a grill with upwards of six or eight burners, but just keep in mind that these grills start to become extremely large, so make sure that you have the outdoor space. Having this many burners would be great for outdoor entertaining and large parties, but could be excessive if you don’t cook for that many people.


Not all grills are made of the same materials, and the material that a grill is made of will indicate not only its durability but how well it is able to maintain heat evenly. Cast aluminum fireboxes are ideal because they aren’t going to rust (which is especially common if you live in an area with lots of precipitation and the grill sits uncovered) and they’re extremely durable, lasting anywhere from 5-10 years. On the other hand, carbon steel grills can be prone to rust, thus making them far less durable than cast aluminum. On top of its durability issues, it is not as efficient in maintaining high heats.

Special Features

All grills come equipped with a different set of tools, designs, and features. You should make note of any wheels or cart options on the bottom of the grill, which is great if you plan to move the grill around. Also, look to see if there are any sliding tables or prep areas and storage cabinets or shelves under the grill. Always understand what the cleaning system entails. Is there a drainage system and grease tray that pulls out for easy cleanup? Keep an eye out for other features like an internal thermometer gauge and any other cooking accessories, like brushes, griddles, alternate grates, or pizza stones.

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