The Best Gifts for Beer Lovers

Take a look at these must-haves for beer fans

From monthly beer delivery to top-notch glasses, these beer-related quirky gifts are sure to make the beer lover in your life feel "hoppy," appreciated, and, in some cases, (finally) understood.

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    Beer Greetings

    Beer Greetings

    With two treats in one, Beer Greetings offers a greeting card built into an empty cardboard six-pack box. You choose the right cardboard six-pack box based on the celebration (graduation or birthday, for examples) and then fill the six-pack with your friend's favorite beers for the perfect customized six-pack. 

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    Beer of the Month Club

    Beer of the Month Club: Rare Beer Club

    Take the guesswork out of what your beer lover likes and go for randomized multipacks of beer with a subscription to a beer of the month club. There are lots of online sites to choose, however, the original is founded in 1994.

    This gift is guaranteed to excite your favorite beer lover every four weeks for as long as you choose to send it to your favorite beer aficionado. The site offers different subscriptions that can fit your recipient's taste, including international beers and rare beers.

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    Certificate to World of Beer

    World of Beer

    If your favorite beer lover prefers to enjoy a beer amongst the hop-loving company of others, consider a gift certificate to World of Beer, a national chain of beer-focused bars. Each location offers at least 50 craft beers on tap and another 500 in the cooler.

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    Riedel’s Veritas Beer Glass

    Reidel Beer Glass

    If you are going to imbibe, you might as well do it with a stylish glass. A good example is an ultra-thin crystal glass like Riedel's Veritas Beer Glass. This glass will not only keep beer colder longer (less glass results in less heat conduction), but the vessel looks quite classy. Best of all, the shape, featuring a tapered edge and widened bowl, will maximize hop and malt aromas, resulting in a superior drinking experience.

    Does your beer lover have the proper glassware to serve pilsner, hefeweizen, or Belgian ale? If not, you could fix that.

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    Regrained Bars

    Regrained Beer Bars

    Perhaps your special someone would appreciate a non-alcoholic snack bar made from beer byproducts. San Francisco-based Regrained is taking spent grain from some of the best local breweries in the area and upcycling the leftover beer grains (aka "beer gold") into flour to create delicious immunity, energy, and antioxidant bars.

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    Beer Brewer Books

    Brewer Books

    Bibliophile beer lovers might be interested in digging into a book from one or more of the most respected craft brewery founders in the world. Co-written by Evil Twin Brewing founder Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergso, "Food & Beer" features recipes and beer pairings developed with Chef Daniel Burns, his partner at Michelin-starred restaurant Luksus.

    Meanwhile, those interested in the beer business might enjoy "Quench Your Own Thirst," a book about turning passion into a successful career from Boston Beer Co.'s Jim Koch. Additionally, Dogfish Head founder Sam Calagione provides a fascinating look at the collaboration between entrepreneurs in his book "Off-Centered Leadership."

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    Certified Beer Server Exam

    Cicerone Program

    For serious beer connoisseurs who have not yet pursued any formal "beer-education," why not give your beer-inclined lover a jumpstart? The Cicerone program certifies members of the beer industry (or passionate hobbyists) on four different levels. To pass the first level and become a "Certified Beer Server," your beer fan will need to score 75 percent or above on a 60-question multiple choice online exam that will challenge their knowledge of beer serving, styles, evaluation, brewing, and pairing.

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    Home Brewing Kit

    A home brewing kit is a perfect way for beer devotees to get more hands-on with their favorite drink. From simple "add water" beer brewing kits that require little user interaction to more intricate systems that require mash cooking, siphoning, secondary fermentation, and more, there are a variety of different options to make fresh beer made right in your home.

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    Hopsy Home Draft Machine

    Often described as the Keurig for beer, Hopsy's home draft machine takes the fresh-from-draft experience you typically only get in a bar and makes it accessible in a home. It is a smaller version of a kegerator. This portable draft machine uses special 2-liter growlers that are delivered from local breweries straight to your door. This method will always ensure your friend's next beer is the freshest pint possible. 

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    Fun with Beer
    Courtland Whited / Getty Images

    This is a little pricey, but if your beer enthusiast has a home bar or dreams of having one, a kegerator would make a perfect gift.

    These little, refrigerated beer dispensers are designed specifically to hold, cool, and tap a whole keg of beer. Kegerators have quickly become one of the must-have items in man caves across the nation.