11 Grilled Vegetable Recipes

The Most Popular and Best Vegetable Recipes

From side dishes to main courses, vegetables are excellent on the grill. Grilling vegetables is a convenient way to prepare them and a great way to give vegetables extra flavor. The trick to grilling vegetables is to not overcook them and season them lightly with a little oil and a lot of great flavors. Whether you are grilling corn on the cob or tomatoes, the grill is the best way to cook all your vegetables. For small items, try wrapping them up in foil with a little butter.

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    Vegetable Kebabs

    Vegetable Kebabs
    Vegetable Kebabs. Regarding BBQ, Inc.

    These veggie kebabs are so loaded up, they make a meal all by themselves. Mix up the colors and it will look as impressive as it tastes.

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    Fresh Corn on the Cob

    Corn on the Cob off the Grill
    Corn on the Cob off the Grill. Derrick Riches

    This is the general method for grilling corn on the cob. Remember not to remove the husks, they will hold in the moisture and keep the corn from burning. You might want to pull out as much silk as you can before hand.

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    Grilled Sweet Potatoes

    Grilled Sweet Potatoes
    Grilled Sweet Potatoes. Regarding BBQ Inc.

    It doesn't take a lot to make delicious sweet potatoes. The secret is to avoid boiling them. These grilled sweet potato slices cook up nice and fast and most of the preparation can be done in advance.

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    Grilled Artichokes

    Grilled Artichokes
    Grilled Artichokes. Luca Trovato/Getty Images

    These artichokes are so much better grilled than steamed. You'll really get a lot more flavor out of these veggies by putting them on a real fire instead of boiling water.

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    Grilled Caesar Salad

    Grilled Caesar Salad

    Anita Schecter

    Romaine tastes surprisingly delicious after a quick trip on the grill and levels up your standard Caesar salad. The homemade dressing is easy to make—add anchovy paste if you like a traditional Caesar.

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    Grilled Corn Salad

    Grilled corn salad in a serving bowl with a spoon

    The Spruce / Anita Schecter

    Everyone knows grilled corn on the cob is to die for, but when you take it a step further, it's a gift from the gods. Grilled corn salad is made by mixing grilled corn kernels with cherry tomatoes, diced red onion, bell pepper, plenty of fresh parsley, and a delicious creamy mustard vinaigrette. 

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    Sweet Potato Frites with Garlic-Rosemary Aoili

    Sweet potato fries

    The Spruce 

    This is a great alternative to traditional sweet potato recipes and it's really fast and easy to make. Be sure to cut the sweet potatoes into long steak fries. This gets them cooked quickly. If you are frying a turkey add these to the heated oil once the turkey is out of the way and you will get more flavor into these fries.

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    Grilled Zucchini

    Grilled zucchini and squash on a white dinner plate

    The Spruce 

    If you take small zucchini and cut them lengthwise, you'll find that it's really easy to grill. I suggest sprinkling a little Parmesan cheese over them before you serve.

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    Herb and Balsamic Endives

    Grilled Herb and Balsamic Endives
    Grilled Herb and Balsamic Endives. Regarding BBQ, Inc.

    A great partner to grilled fish, endives offer so much more than just a component to salad. With the right marinade and grilled to perfection, you won't think twice about adding this vegetable to your menu. Keep a close eye on it as it grills, to ensure that it does not burn or overcook.

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    Smoked Pumpkin

    Smoked Pumpkin
    Smoked Pumpkin. Regarding BBQ Inc.

    This is a method for smoking and cooking pumpkins for use in anything from soup, topping pasta, or for making great smoked pumpkin pies. Best part is these pumpkins can be smoked on virtually any type of charcoal grill or smoker if you have one.

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    Grilled Sweet Potato Fries

    Grilled Sweet Potato Fries
    Grilled Sweet Potato Fries. Regarding BBQ Inc.

    Save the oil for something else because these sweet potatoes get fried on the grill. The only oil you need is about 1/4 cup to get them crispy. While they grill they get brushed with a salt and lime vinaigrette that adds all the flavor these need to be great.