6 Easy and Delicious Hot Sandwiches That are Fast to Make

Warm, Handheld Meals That Are Easy to Make

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Hot sandwiches can be a meal for anyone, even diehard meat-and-potato lovers. These recipes are hearty and delicious and easy to make, even for beginning cooks. They include some favorite ingredients, such as bacon and, of course, lots of cheese.

When you make your own sandwiches, think about the bread which is a crucial part of any sammie recipe. It is best to choose bread that holds its shape and won't squish when you bite into it. Ciabatta rolls are perfect, followed by English muffins and...MORE whole grain bread. Try any of these easy recipes, or use them as inspiration to create your own.

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    Toasted Fish and Bacon Sandwiches. Linda Larsen

    This sandwich will be gobbled down by people who think they don't like fish! The bacon adds a wonderful flavor to this toasty and delicious sandwich. It's very easy to make, too, since the fish is sauteed instead of fried. Once you have the bacon and fish cooked, you simply assemble the sandwich, wrap in aluminum foil, and bake until warm.

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    Lasagna Sandwiches
    Lasagna Sandwiches. Linda Larsen

    Ok, maybe this is not truly lasagna in sandwich form, but it evokes the flavors of the quintessential Italian dish. Plus, this recipe is much easier than assembling the real thing, it's fun to make, and kids love it. Get the family to help hollow out the rolls and fill them with rich meat sauce. Then top with cheese and bake until golden. Just be sure to let the sandwiches cool a bit before you take a bite because the filling is hot!

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    Baked Grilled Cheese Pesto Sandwiches. Linda Larsen

    Got a crowd to feed? This easy oven method is the best way to make a big bunch of grilled cheese sandwiches quickly and easily. Feel free to omit the pesto if you want to go the more traditional route, or use a different kind. This recipe calls for whole wheat, but you can use your favorite bread. 

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    Grilled Chicken and Apple Sandwich. Linda Larsen

    This classic sandwich is a nice alternative to plain old grilled cheese. The apple adds crunch and the chicken makes it filling enough for dinnertime. This recipe calls for canned chicken, but feel free to use shredded rotisserie chicken​ or leftover grilled chicken. This sandwich is perfect with a cup of soup on a cold fall evening.

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    Created in 1926 at the Brown Hotel (hence the name) in Louisville, this open-faced sandwich is layered with turkey, a cheese sauce, bacon, and tomato and then placed under the broiler to brown. Although the cheese sauce is made from scratch, it doesn't take too long—and the results are worth the effort. A great way to use up leftover turkey after the holidays! 

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    Traditional Cuban Panini

    The Spruce

    A traditional Cuban sandwich is grilled, with roasted pork, ham, cheese, mustard, and pickles nestled inside. The classic recipe calls for Cuban bread, but you can use French or Italian bread and get similar results. And if you don't have time to make roasted pork, don't worry—the ham will be enough to create a savory and filling sandwich.