Top 31 Recipes to Use up Those Ham Leftovers

Croque Monsieur
masahiro Makino / Getty Images

Whether you buy a ham to use in dishes or to use as a main dish, you're bound to have leftovers. Today, most hams you buy at the grocery store are labeled "fully cooked," so preparation is a snap. Just follow the package directions and heat the ham to an internal temperature of 140 F. When reheating leftover ham, make sure that you heat to a temperature of 165 F for food safety.

You can freeze leftover ham for up to six months, but for best quality, use the frozen ham within two months. Freeze meal-sized packages of sliced or diced ham for casseroles and sandwiches. Or freeze larger chunks or the meaty ham bone for flavoring beans, soups, and stews. 

Quick Ideas for Leftover Ham

You can use your ham in these dishes:

  • Add diced ham to scrambled eggs, frittatas, breakfast casseroles, or omelets.
  • Add chopped or slices of ham to your favorite macaroni and cheese casserole.
  • Dice leftover ham and use it in scalloped or au gratin potatoes.
  • Add diced ham to corn pudding or casserole.
  • Sliced ham makes excellent sandwiches.
  • Diced ham can be added to many appetizers like these tortilla rolls.
  • Add leftover ham to Alfredo sauce with chopped green onions for a tasty pasta-topper. 

From from casseroles and breakfast dishes to soups and sandwiches, you'll find something you love.