Top Low-Calorie Salsas

Low-calorie salsas come in many shapes and forms and lend themselves easily to being part of a low-calorie diet. You can find fresh salsa and cooked salsas, mango or fruit salsas and bean salsa and regular old salsa made from tomatoes onions and peppers. In fact, you may even wonder what exactly are the requirements for making something salsa?

Salsa translates to sauce, and is generally traced back to Latin American cultures. Generally, it is a sauce or condiment typically eaten on top of Latin American dishes. Usually, there are chiles or peppers combined with a wide variety of other ingredients. In fact, it seems that anymore, the ingredients used in salsa are as varied as you can think from fruits to vegetables to beans.​

The great thing is, salsa is almost always a smart choice when it comes to health as it is loaded with lots of fresh produce, naturally being low in calories. Here are a few top-notch low-calorie salsa recipes to try. Surely, everyone will have their own favorite.

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    Two Tomato Salsa

    Two Tomato Salsa
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    When you think of salsa, you probably think of a tomato salsa like this one. Use any combination of fresh juicy tomatoes in this fresh two-tomato salsa. We really like using bright red tomatoes alongside bright yellow tomatoes for a really attractive and flavorful salsa.

    This salsa is great dipped with low-fat tortilla chips or piled onto tacos and fresh taco salads.

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    Black Bean and Corn Salsa

    black bean salsa

     Leah Maroney

    You may not think of beans as being a typical ingredient in salsa, but after you try this black beans and corn salsa, you will probably change your mind.

    This high fiber, filling black bean and corn salsa makes an excellent snack, appetizer, or side with dinner. It will add a few more calories, but try slicing up a bit of fresh avocado into this salsa for an extra kick, and added nutrition!

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    Cooked Tomato Salsa

    canned spicy mexican salsa
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    This cooked salsa may take a little more time than some of the other fresh salsa counterparts, but you will be sweetly rewarded with this delicious savory salsa. It is wonderful smothered over burritos or enchiladas or dipped with fresh warm chips.

    This salsa can even be canned if you wish, or simply eaten after the salsa has cooked down.

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    Roasted Salsa

    Roasted Salsa
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    This roasted salsa uses charred chili peppers for a warm flavor, plus, the roasted tomatoes, onions, and garlic add a layer of delicious smokiness.