Top Low-Fat Christmas Cookies

The Holiday Cookie Tray Without All the Guilt

Christmas cookies are a traditional part of holiday celebrations, but most recipes are high in fat, especially the saturated fat found in butter or shortening. If you are trying to reduce your intake of less-healthy fats, look to any of these seven great low-fat or reduced-fat cookie recipes this holiday season. You will be able to enjoy a festive sweet and continue the treasured custom of the cookie plate while watching your fat consumption.

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    Fat-Free Brown Sugar Meringue Cookies

    Vanilla Meringue Cookies
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    It's hard to believe something so pretty can also be fat free. Made with egg whites, brown sugar, and vanilla, and topped with cinnamon-sugar, these brown sugar meringue cookies have a crunchy outside and chewy inside with a satisfying sweet taste. You can simply drop the batter by spoonfuls or make them festive looking by piping through a decorative star tip and then decorating with colored sprinkles.

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    Very Low-Fat Vegan Pumpkin Cookies

    Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies
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    Pumpkin spice doesn't have to end at Thanksgiving—these low-fat vegan pumpkin cookies can be enjoyed throughout the holiday season. Applesauce is the secret ingredient, making a healthy vegan pumpkin cookie with almost no fat. The oats add a nice texture and crunch while providing a bit of nutrition along with the pumpkin and applesauce. This recipe does not include oil, margarine, butter, milk, or cream.

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    Crispy Rice Cereal Treats

    Rice crispy cereal bars
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    A favorite of kids of all ages, these no-bake crispy rice cereal treats can be made extra special for the holidays using cookie cutters, colored food gel, and holiday-themed sprinkles and candies. The kids will enjoy helping with this recipe—just be prepared for a sticky mess. There is a little bit of butter in the recipe, but overall it is lower in fat than most cookies.

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    Mint Chocolate Chip Meringue Cookies

    Fat-Free Chocolate Peppermint Meringue Cookies

    The Spruce / Fiona Haynes

    If you're looking for an even lighter cookie option for the holidays, then these low-fat mint chocolate chip meringue cookies will surely fit the bill. The only fat is in the chocolate chips themselves (which you can eliminate if you'd like). Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, they make a tasty sweet and minty morsel.

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    Low-Fat Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
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    It's hard to believe these double chocolate chip cookies are low in fat, but by using half the normal amount of butter and substituting an egg white for a whole egg, these cookies are an almost guilt-free indulgence. The chocolate flavor is enhanced by using cocoa powder as well as the chocolate chips. And by using mini chocolate chips, this recipe can get away with calling for 2/3 less than traditional recipes.

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    Low-Fat Vegan Oatmeal Cookies

    Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies
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    Substituting fruit preserves for sugar is one of the tricks in these vegan fruit cookies. They are also made with no added fat, which reduces the calories as well. A mixture of oatmeal, dried fruit, banana, soy milk, sugar-free preserves, and chopped nuts are dropped by spoonfuls onto cookies sheets and baked until lightly golden brown. The result is a chewy cookie with a bit of crunch and a natural, sweet taste.

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    Low-Fat Brownies


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    Although not technically a cookie, brownies are always welcome on the holiday cookie tray. And when cut into small squares, they can be enjoyed in just a few bites. The canola oil and unsweetened applesauce take the place of butter, and two egg whites also help to up the health factor in this recipe—while creating a nice, chewy brownie. The Dutch-process cocoa contributes a rich, chocolate taste, making these brownies as familiar as those high in fat.