Top 4 Mexican Rice Recipes

Learn how to make one of the most popular Mexican side dishes

Rice is a staple in Mexico and a popular side dish along with beans. There are many ways to prepare it, and here are just a few to get you started. Try to pair the rice ingredients with what you are making as the main dish. If you are serving chicken or pork, Easy Mexican rice is perfect. If you are serving a beef dish, try the Mexican Rice with Roasted Tomatoes which is made with beef broth.

For more information about Mexican Rice please see History of Mexican Rice

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    Easy Mexican Rice

    Mexican Rice (Spanish Rice)

     The Spruce

    This is the perfect basic recipe for beginners. It is flavored with chicken broth, tomato sauce and garlic. After you make it a few times, you begin adding your own flavors with different sauces and spices. You can also easily substitute the chicken broth with boullion or use tomato paste instead of the sauce. It's very versatile. Just make sure you have 2 parts liquid for one part dry rice. (Tomato Sauce and/or paste doesn't count as a liquid. It's just an extra flavoring.)

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    Spicy Mexican Rice

    Spanish Rice.

    This rice is not for the sensitive palette. It packs a spicy punch, but still delivers a bold Mexican flavor that pairs well with grilled foods. Of course you can adjust the heat with the type of chile sauce you use, but it will still be very spicy.

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    Mexican White Rice

    Mexican White Rice.

    In Mexico, white rice is often cooked with vegetables giving it additional color, texture and flavor. This particular dish uses water as the liquid, although you could substitute vegetable broth. Use whatever vegetables you have on hand such as carrots, peas, corn, celery, onion, bell pepper, green chiles or zucchini.

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