8 Best Grilled Pizza Recipes

The Most Popular and Best Grilled Pizza Recipes

Whenever I get asked what my favorite thing to grill is I frequently answer pizza. You typical grill, whether gas or charcoal, produces the perfect intense dry heat that you need for a great pizza. Grilled pizzas are far better than any delivery because you can grill a pizza without grease like the pizza joints do. So make a healthier and better pizza by grilling it. These pizza recipes are the most popular I have and will show you the way to get started making great pizza.

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    Greek Grilled Pizza
    Greek Grilled Pizza. Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images

    There's no better way to cook a pizza than on the grill. This high, dry heat makes it the perfect pizza oven. This Greek-inspired pizza is loaded with great flavors and sure to make everyone happy.

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    Feta and Tomato Pizza

    Feta and Tomato Pizza
    Feta and Tomato Pizza. Alberto Moretto/Getty Images

    Use tomatoes that aren't overly ripe on this pizza and let it cook long enough to get the feta melting. The basil adds a perfect herb flavor. This pizza has no sauce, but a crust brushed with olive oil to keep it moist on the grill.

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    The Ultimate Double Crust Barbecue Pizza
    The Ultimate Double Crust Barbecue Pizza. Sabrina S. Baksh

    This pizza is so stuffed with barbecue goodness that a single slice is nearly a meal. Make this for the big game or just big appetites. The combination of brisket, smoked sausage, and pulled pork, covered with barbecue sauce is absolutely fantastic. 

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    Mexican Pizza

    Mexican Pizza
    Mexican Pizza. Derrick Riches

    Kind of a cross between a pizza and a tostada, this Mexican style pizza is piled high with steak or chicken, cheese, tomatoes, avocado, jalapeno peppers and much more. This is a big meal that is fast and easy to make.

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    Spicy Sausage Pizza

    Spicy Sausage Pizza
    Spicy Sausage Pizza. Andrew Young/Getty Images

    This is a lively sausage pizza. You can choose a milder sausage if this one is too spicy.

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    Grilled Fig and Arugula Pizza
    Grilled Fig and Arugula Pizza. Thecrimsonmonkey/Gettyimages

    The sweetness of figs and the peppery flavor of arugula make a fantastic combination and on this pizza it truly amazing. Use a good, sharp cheese to round out the flavors and this is the perfect, grown-up pizza.

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    Philly Style White Pizza
    Philly Style White Pizza. David Bishop, Inc/Getty Images

    This is a traditional Philly-style pizza and has no sauce but is loaded with garlic and topped with roast beef, mushrooms and of course, a lot of cheese. This recipe makes four delicious personal sized Philly pizzas.

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    Barbecued Chicken and Roasted Poblano PIzza
    Barbecued Chicken and Roasted Poblano PIzza. Roberto A. Sanchez/Getty Images

    This the perfect way to use up any leftover barbecued or grilled chicken. Spicy and sweet, this is a great barbecue chicken pizza.