The Top Podcasts for Food Photographers

Cheese Plate
Cheese plate. Evi Abeler

Every photographer needs to keep learning and one of my favorite ways to absorb new knowledge is to listen to photography podcasts while editing photos, packing my backpack for the next assignment, or organizing my props. I can listen to advice from industry experts, get new ideas from photographers I have never met before, hear the latest tips on gear and techniques and all that for free. Here is my list of must-follow podcasts.

Learn Food Photography & Styling

Some of my favorite interviews have been done by Neel over at Learn Food Photography. He started the blog because he could not find information about food photography online and wanted to build and share his resource space. He has interviewed a long list of talented photographers and stylist, such as Penny de los Santos, Adriana Mullen, and Denise Vivaldo. He is now releasing the interviews as a podcast on iTunes as well.

Full Time Photographer

Commercial photographer Josh Rossi interviews all kinds of professional photographers about their career, business, and inspiration in his podcast Full Time Photographer. His guests have included food photographer Andrew Scrivani, Victor Budnik, and Tara Striano.

Zenologue: Photography Marketing

Photography marketing coach Nigel Merrick shares his advice and interviews successful professional photographers and expert marketers on Photography Marketing.

As you might guess, his very informative podcast focuses around marketing and his topics have included: Who are Your Marketing Your Photography to Really?, Are You Failling Enough? and SEO for Photographers: How to Get Your Photography Blog Noticed by Google.

TWIP: This Week in Photo

This Week in Photo has grown from one single podcast to a ten video podcasts network.

My favorites are the original This Week in Photo shows with Frederick van Johnson. He presents photography news and interviews with photographers in a round table style. The new shows All About The Gear and TWIP Talks are also highly recommended.

The Spouting Photographer: The Business of Photography

The Spouting Photographer is all about business related education for photographers. CEO and founder Bryan Caporicci and content creator Robert Nowell interview industry experts and business specialists that share high-value, concrete business ideas with professional photographers. Their subjects have included: Growing Your Business Through Blogging, Spending Wisely in Your Photography Business, and Every Photographer Starts Somewhere

Heritage Radio Network: The Food Seen

In order to stay on top of the food scene I listen to the Heritage Radio Nework and do not miss a show of Michael Harlen Turkell's The Food Seen. His guests range from food photographers, stylists, interior architects and industrial designers—all the players that want to make you eat with your eyes.