Top Poultry Rub Recipes

To get the most out of chicken, whether it is whole or cut into pieces, you need to start with the seasonings. These rub recipes are specifically formulated to poultry and are perfect and whatever kind of bird you are cooking. These spice mixtures are perfect for chicken that is hitting the grill or going in the smoker so try one, or try them all and I promise you will be making these rubs in large batches to sprinkle on a lot more than just chicken. 

These are the perfect rubs for:

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    Greek Seasoning Rub for Poultry

    Greek Seasoning
    Greek Seasoning. BRETT EVANS/Getty Images

    This Greek-Inspired spice rub has a secret ingredient. The small amount of corn starch helps to bond the rub to the meat and creates a crisp surface on poultry as it cooks into place. 

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    Dry Jerk Rub for Poultry

    Dry Jerk Rub
    Dry Jerk Rub. Regarding BBQ, Inc.

    Like the Jerk flavors of the Caribbean, this rub is more than just spicy heat. The combination of allspice, cinnamon, and nutmeg give this rub a depth of flavor that is fantastic. Make this rub in large batches because it is perfect on more than just poultry. You will be using this one on so many more foods. 

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    Cajun Dust

    Cajun seasoning

    The Spruce 

    Add a little heat to the next chicken you cook. This spicy, Cajun-Inspired rub has that perfect touch of heat with a combination of herbs that makes the flavor of the poultry you use it on pop out. 

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    Walter Jetton's Dry Poultry Seasoning

    Magic dust spice rub

    The Spruce

    Walter Jetton was the legendary pitmaster who catered state dinners during the presidency of Lyndon Johnson and this is the recipe for his poultry rub used to feed guests from around the world. It is the dry mustard powder in this recipe that ties it together and makes for fantastic chicken.

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    Spicy Poultry Rub

    spicy poultry rub
    Claire Cohen

    This is the perfect all purpose poultry rub. It is equally good on grilled chicken wings and deep fried turkey. The mild heat makes the flavors jump up to be noticed and the combination of paprika and celery salt tie it all together, making a great meal no matter what kind of poultry you use or how you cook it. 

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    Tandoori Rub for Chicken

    Tandoori Rub
    Tandoori Rub. Lise Caron/Getty Images

    The rich flavors of tandoori are always a favorite with chicken and this rub will add that to whatever kind of bird you are going to cook. This is the perfect rub for grilling because the intense heat brings out all the aromatics of the spices.