Top 3 Sorbet Recipes

Sorbets have for so long been seen as the lighter cousin to ice cream, the latter being the full-on heavyweight. A real, handmade sorbet is a real thing of beauty. Made carefully and with the right, imposing flavors, sorbet can knock spots off an ice cream. 

One of the failings of sorbet is generally to do with flavor. What you choose needs to have punch as there is little else (save for the sugar) to give the sorbet its power. In the top 5 sorbets below, note that each major constituent is weighty in its right, 

Here are 3 of the most popular French sorbet recipes here in French Food. 

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    Framboise Sorbet

    Raspberry Sorbet
    liaminou-Getty Images

    This sorbet is for the grown-ups only. Here in the recipe, fresh raspberry puree is partnered with a touch of Framboise brandy making this sorbet extra special. Alcohol can prevent a sorbet from freezing if too much is used so always approach with caution; a splash is all you need to create flavor.  

    For an indulgent treat, add a drizzle of chocolate sauce to the dish before serving.

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    Dark Chocolate Sorbet

    chocolate sorbet
    Owen Franken

    Here is the powerhouse of both color and flavor in the sorbet family. The darker the chocolate you use, the stronger and more impactful the sorbet will be. Look for chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa, though you may find that children do not like the bitter flavors. 

    Premium dark chocolate beautifully accents this sorbet recipe's light texture. It is the classic accompaniment to an elegant dinner party.

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    Lime Sorbet

    lime sorbet
    Dave Carlin

     One of the prettiest of the sorbets to serve with its vibrant color it is going to cheer up any dinner table. Perfect for spring and summer (but tastes so good you can serve it any time). The lime, like the lemon, is refreshing so perfect for the hot weather.