Top 43 Southern Peach Recipes

chicken with peaches
Diana Rattray

Peaches have been a popular fruit in the South since the Spaniards first brought them to North America. California, Georgia and South Carolina are the largest producers of peaches in the United States.

Peaches can be dried, canned, made into jams, jellies, and preserves, used as filling for desserts, and used as an ingredient in many other dishes, from appetizers to entrees.

When shopping for peaches, choose fragrant fruits which are unblemished and not overly firm. Because fresh peaches are highly perishable, don't buy more than you plan to use. Even when unripe, they spoil easily. Peaches that are greenish colored were probably picked too early should be avoided. Sweetness does not increase after picking, so ripe-picked fruit is always the tastiest.

Peaches will peel more easily if blanched for a minute in boiling water then plunged in cold water for a minute to stop the effect of the heat. Peaches discolor quickly when exposed to the air, so should be sprinkled with lemon or lime juice, or a fruit "keeper" if not eaten or cooked immediately.

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    Peach Crumb Cake

    Peach Cake With Crumb Topping
    Diana Rattray

    This is the perfect cake to take along to the office or a morning meeting. 

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    Peach Pound Cake

    Peach Pound Cake
    Annabelle Breakey/Stockbyte/Getty Images

    This pound cake will be an instant hit! Serve the cake with whipped cream or dust it with powdered sugar. It would be excellent with a simple peach sauce or strawberry sauce.

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    Easy Peach Crisp With Oat Topping

    peach crisp
    Diana Rattray

    Canned peaches make this a super easy dessert. Serve peach crisp warm with a scoop of ice cream.

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    Baked Chicken With Peaches

    chicken with peaches
    Fried chicken and peaches baked with tangy sauce. Diana Rattray

    This baked chicken with peaches makes a tasty family meal for any night of the week. The tangy orange and honey sauce combined with the peaches and lightly fried chicken is surprisingly tasty and a very easy preparation.

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    Country Peach Cobbler

    Country Peach Cobbler
    Steve Cohen /Photolibrary/Getty Images

    This old fashioned cobbler is made with a fresh peach filling. The topping is made with pastry strips.

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    Quick and Easy Peach Dessert Sauce

    Easy Peach Sauce
    Diana Rattray

    This easy sauce is made with canned peaches and peach brandy or nectar. Add some berries to the sauce.

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    Peach Dump Cake From Your Slow Cooker

    Peach Dump Cake
    Nancy A. Harris/Moment Open/Getty Images

    This dump cake is made with fresh or frozen peaches and a cake mix.

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    Easy Peach Upside-Down Cake

    Peach Upside Down Cake
    Alexandra Grablewski / Getty Images

    A cake mix makes this upside down peach cake a snap to prepare. It's made with canned peaches.

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    Easy Peach Cobbler

    Fruit cobbler in bowl
    Kyle Monk / Getty Images

    This peach cobbler is made with a filling of canned peaches. The cobbler is topped with a biscuit dough topping.

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    Peach Cobbler Preserves Recipe

    Peach Cobbler Preserves
    Diana Rattray

    Spoon these spiced peach preserves on biscuits or English muffins for a real treat. Or warm them a bit and spoon over ice cream.

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    Peach Dumplings Dessert

    Peach Dumplings
    Diana Rattray

    Peach dumplings make a delicious dessert with a drizzling of cream or whipped topping. The biscuit-like dumplings are cooked atop the simmering fruit. It's an excellent alternative to a baked cobbler.

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    Fresh Fruit Salad

    fruit salad
    AshaSathees Photography / Getty Images

    This fruit salad is made with fresh chopped peaches, strawberries, bananas, and grapes. The dressing is a simple pineapple juice and ginger combination.

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    Fresh Peach Cobbler With Pastry Crust

    Peach Cobbler

    The Spruce

    This simple peach cobbler is topped with an easy rolled cream and butter pastry crust.

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    Fresh Peach Crisp

    Peach Cobbler A La Mode
    John E. Kelly / Getty Images

    This easy fruit crisp is made with fresh peaches and a simple spiced crumble topping.

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    Peach Cobbler Bread

    peach bread
    Diana Rattray

    The flavors of peach cobbler come through in this moist and delicious peach quick bread.

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    Fresh Peach Crumble

    Fresh Peach Crumble
    Lisa Romerein/The Image Bank/Getty Images

    A crunchy crumb topping is the perfect finishing touch for this baked peach crumble. Serve it warm with a scoop of ice cream.

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    Georgia Peach Bread

    Peach Bread
    Diana Rattray

    This peach bread is a tribute to Georgia peaches! The quick bread is filled with pureed peaches and chopped nuts.

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    Glazed Fresh Peach Pie

    Peach tart
    Brian Hagiwara / Getty Images

    This amazing pie is made with layers of fresh sliced peaches and an easy peach glaze.

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    Peach Glazed Chicken Breasts

    peach glazed chicken
    Diana Rattray

    These simple baked chicken breasts are glazed with a mixture of peach preserves, herbs, and spicy mustard.

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    Peach Pie with Crumb Topping

    Homestyle Crumb Top Pie
    cislander / Getty Images

    A delicious spiced crumble tops this fresh peach pie. The pie shell is baked and filled and then finished in the microwave to cook the topping.

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    Mini Peach Cheesecakes

    Mini peach cheesecakes
    Diana Rattray

    These delightful little cheesecakes are easy to fix and make a delicious dessert or snack. It's a great party dessert, too.

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    Old-fashioned Peach Cobbler

    Peach Cobbler With Cream
    Diana Rattray

    Fresh is best, but if you can't find fresh peaches in season, make the cobbler with frozen (thawed) peach slices or canned and drained slices. 

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    Easy Peach Bread Pudding

    Peach Bread Pudding With Butterscotch Sauce
    Diana Rattray

    Top this warm peach bread pudding with caramel sauce or butterscotch sauce.

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    Fresh Peach Coffee Cake

    Peach Crumb Cake
    Diana Rattray

    This rich coffee cake is made with fresh peaches and a brown sugar crumb topping.

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    Peaches and Cream Pie

    Peach Pie
    Victoria Pearson/Getty Images

    This peach pie is filled with a thickened mixture of peaches and sweet cream.

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    Peach Salsa With Lime Juice and Honey

    Peach Salsa With Honey and Lime
    Diana Rattray

    Plan to make this flavorful fresh peach salsa early in the day or the day before to give the chopped fruit and vegetables time to mingle.

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    Peach Custard Bread Pudding

    Peach Bread Pudding With Brown Sugar Sauce
    Diana Rattray

    Fresh peaches and peach nectar flavor this fabulous peach bread pudding dessert.

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    Peach Freezer Jam

    Vineyard peaches, peach jam on chopping board
    Getty Images/Westend61

    Save your summer peaches and enjoy them year-round with this easy peach freezer jam.

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    Peach Marmalade

    peach or nectarine marmalade
    dapan photography/Getty Images

    This peach (or nectarine) marmalade is a breeze to make with fruit pectin.

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    Peach Shake

    peach shake
    StockFood / Getty Images

    Whirl your fresh peaches in a blender with some milk, ice cream, and pineapple juice for an incredible shake.

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    Fresh Peach Shortcake

    Baked Layers for Peach Shortcake
    Diana Rattray

    Fresh sweetened peaches and whipped cream provide the filling for these baked biscuit layers.

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    Peach Upside-Down Cake

    Peach Upside-Down Cake
    Paul Moore / Getty Images

    This simple peach upside down cake is made with canned peaches, but fresh or frozen peaches could be used as well.

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    Peaches and Cream Cake

    Peaches and Cream Cake
    Peaches and Cream Cake. Diana Rattray

    This cake is like an upside-down peach cobbler with a cream cheese topping.

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    Poached Peaches With Honey and Vanilla

    poached peach
    Paul Poplis / Getty Images

    These simple poached peaches are wonderful on their own or serve them over cake or ice cream.

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    Shortcut Peach Cobbler

    Shortcut Peach Cobbler
    Diana Rattray

     This peach cobbler has long been a popular way to make a cobbler quickly. This version is made with canned sliced peaches, and it's perfect for when you don't have time to peel and pit several peaches. Or when peaches aren't in season. 

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    Quick Peach and Coconut Upside-Down Biscuits

    Quick Peach and Coconut Upside-Down Biscuits
    Diana Rattray

    The biscuits are super easy to make with refrigerated biscuits, canned peaches, and a little coconut. Just bake them in muffin cups and you have a fabulous dessert!

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    Peach and Coconut Upside-Down Cake

    Peach Coconut Upside-Down Cake
    Diana Rattray

     Peach and Coconut Upside-Down Cake, best served warm, with or without a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and expect plenty of "oohs" and "aahs."

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    Baby Back Ribs Recipe With Peach Barbecue Sauce

    Baby Back Ribs
    Diana Rattray

    Baby back ribs or spareribs are baked and glazed with a tasty peach barbecue sauce. Serve these ribs with baked or mashed potatoes, baked beans, and coleslaw or a tossed salad.

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    Peach Raspberry Jam

    Peach Raspberry Jam
    Diana Rattray

    Capture the sweet flavors of summer with this fabulous peach raspberry jam.

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    Rotisserie Pork Loin Roast With Peach Glaze

    Rotisserie Pork Loin Roast
    Rotisserie Pork Loin. Diana Rattray

    The pork is marinated in a fresh and delicious peach puree mixture. The marinade is boiled and then used to baste the rotisserie roast.

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    Easy Skillet Chicken Legs with Peaches

    Garlic Roasted Chicken

    The Spruce

    Use canned or frozen peaches to make this delicious chicken recipe.

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    Fruit Cocktail Upside Down Cake

    Upside-Down Fruit Cocktail Cake
    Diana Rattray

    This upside-down fruit cocktail cake is a spongy, relatively light cake with a fruity topping. Use canned fruit cocktail or chop an assortment of fruits separately. Peaches would be an excellent choice.

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    Baked Ham With Simple Peach Mustard Glaze

    Ham With Peach Mustard Glaze
    Diana Rattray

    A simple, two-ingredient glaze makes this baked ham a snap to prepare and bake, and the contrast of the sweet glaze with the salty ham is classic.