Top 7 Steak Rubs

Simple ingredients go a long way toward flavoring steak

A lot of people will tell you that a great steak needs no more flavor than a kiss of flame and a pinch of salt. The truth is that for any steak, whether a great cut or an inexpensive chunk of beef, the right seasoning is key to getting something spectacular.

These rubs and spice blends are specifically formulated to work perfectly on beef, to enhance but not overpower the flavor, and take the kind of intense heat that a steak needs. 

The best method for seasoning a steak is to pat the meat dry with a paper towel and apply the spice rub generously. What the meat holds is the amount needed. Let the steak sit with the rub on at room temperature for 30 minutes. This will allow the flavors to absorb and the meat to rise in temperature.


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    Herbes de Provence Steak Rub

    Herbs de Provence Steak Rub
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    This herbes de Provence steak rub is fantastic. If you don't have any on hand, simply use dried thyme, marjoram, rosemary, oregano, or sage, either alone or in some combination to your liking. The real secret here, however, is the allspice which enhances flavors yet doesn't stand out too strongly. 

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    Cumin Steak Rub

    Ingredients of a cumin steak rub
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    If you watch a lot of cooking shows, you might think that cumin has become an overused spice. While it's certainly popular, there's a good reason: cumin adds a spicy flavor and a nice crusty surface to a steak with this cumin steak rub.

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    Tomahawk Steak Rub

    Tomahawk steak rub recipe

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    A tomahawk steak, also referred to as a cowboy steak, is a very large (30 to 45 ounces) bone-in ribeye. This cut is for the serious steak lover, and this tomahawk steak rub recipe will make the experience even better. With a hint of earthy Indian spices, this well-rounded rub will provide a nice crust while bringing out the natural flavors of the meat. 

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    Dry Chimichurri Steak Rub

    A steak with a dry chimichurri rub
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    Chimichurri is, of course, a sauce, but this dry chimichurri steak rub takes those flavors and puts them quickly and easily right onto your steak. This is a fast way to season a steak for the grill that might surprise you with its tangy, sweet taste.

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    Montreal Steak Seasoning

    A steak with a Montreal rub
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    How Montreal became the king of spice blends is anyone's guess, but spice maker McCormick has been selling these blends for years. There are probably hundreds of recipes for this Montreal steak seasoning, but they are all based on the same idea—heat and flavor without all the floral herbs of many Old-World blends.

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    Spicy Tomahawk Steak Rub

    A steak with a spicy Tomahawk rub
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    This is a delicious, spicy tomahawk steak rub. While this rub is for larger steaks, this rub is perfect for any cut of beef. The small amount of brown sugar brings a touch of sweetness and helps to caramelize the surface of the meat under intense heat. Serve with grilled onions for a hearty dinner. 

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    Simple Steak Seasoning

    Steak Seasoning

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    If you want a simple steak seasoning, then look no further than a combination of sea salt flakes, pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder. Double or even triple the recipe and store the seasoning in an airtight container for future cook-outs. You probably will want to use this for a lot more than just steaks.