Top 14 Recipes for Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed Mushrooms
Diana Rattray

Stuffed mushrooms make an easy and delicious snack for any party or gathering. You can stuff them with meat, cheese, a seafood mixture, or a simple herbed breadcrumb mixture. Here you'll find several recipes for stuffed mushrooms, suitable for parties, gatherings, and family snacks.


  • Because they absorb liquids, most mushrooms are best cleaned with a minimum of water. Use a damp paper towel or a specialty mushroom brush to clean the caps and stems. 
  • To prepare white button or crimini (baby bella) mushrooms for stuffing, twist the stems to remove them. Chop the stems to use in the stuffing or discard them.
  • Portobello mushrooms—the larger version of the crimini mushroom—require more prep than smaller mushrooms. Wipe the caps with a damp paper towel to clean. Slice the stem off and discard it if it's woody; if it isn't, chop it and use it in the stuffing if you'd like. With a small spoon, scoop out the gills. Even though the gills edible, they will darken and discolor everything they touch. Plus, after you scrape out the gills, you'll have more room for the stuffing.
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    Crab-Stuffed Mushrooms With Parmesan Cheese

    Crab Stuffed Mushrooms
    Diana Rattray

    A savory, buttery crabmeat-breadcrumb stuffing makes these stuffed mushrooms next-level. It's a great choice for seafood lovers and special occasions.

    Chopped cooked shrimp, bay scallops, or lobster are excellent alternatives; or use imitation crabmeat in the stuffing.

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    Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

    Stuffed Mushrooms with Blue Cheese, Low Carb
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    A stuffing of blue cheese, cream cheese, and chopped scallion makes these mushrooms a fitting appetizer for guests looking for low carb or vegetarian options. Add chopped toasted pecans or walnuts if you crave extra texture.

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    Parmesan Stuffed Mushrooms

    Serve the stuffed mushrooms and enjoy!
    Diana Rattray

    Parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs come together with straightforward herbs and seasonings in these yummy stuffed mushrooms. 

    Add some minced ham, seafood, or toasted pecans if you'd like more texture and protein.

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    Boursin Stuffed Mushrooms

    Boursin and Artichoke Stuffed Mushrooms
    Diana Rattray

    Roasted red bell peppers and Boursin cheese combine in these tasty filled mushroom caps. Shredded Parmesan cheese makes a delicious topping for the stuffed mushrooms.

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    Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms With Variations

    stuffed mushrooms with bacon
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    Your guests will reward you with smiles and appreciation when you serve these bacon and mozzarella stuffed mushrooms. All you need for this recipe are the bacon, mushrooms, cheese, and some basic seasonings and ingredients you probably have on hand.

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    4-Ingredient Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms

    stuffed mushrooms with sausage
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    It's hard to believe there are only four ingredients in these stuffed mushrooms. With browned pork sausage as the main ingredient, they are a meat lover's dream. Shredded mozzarella cheese helps to hold the succulent filling together.

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    Stuffed Mushrooms With Clams

    Stuffed Mushrooms With Clams
    Diana Rattray

    You might not think of minced clams as a stuffing for mushrooms, but they are an excellent option. All you need for this recipe are mushrooms, a can of minced clams, some garlic, breadcrumbs, and fresh parsley. The recipe is easily scaled up or down.

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    Fontina, Spinach, and Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms

    Spinach, Bacon, and Fontina Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms
    Diana Rattray

    Melty fontina cheese brings the spinach and bacon filling together nicely in these low carb—and gluten-free, by the way—stuffed mushrooms.

    If you can't find fontina cheese, feel free to substitute with Gruyere, provolone, or Gouda cheese.

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    Bread Crumb and Parmesan Stuffed Mushrooms

    Stuffed Mushrooms
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    Finely chopped green bell pepper and onion add color and flavor to these basic Parmesan and breadcrumb stuffed mushrooms.

    For festive color, use a combination of green, red, and yellow bell peppers.

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    Stuffed Mushrooms With Spinach and Ham

    Stuffed Mushrooms With Ham and Spinach
    Diana Rattray

    Spinach and ham team up to make a complementary filling for these mushroom caps. Garlic and green onions season the stuffing while melty mozzarella adds richness.

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    Cheese and Herb Stuffed Mushrooms

    stuffed portabella caps
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    These grilled portobello mushrooms are perfect for a summer party or event. A combination of cheddar cheese, pimientos, and herbs in the stuffing mixture make them an excellent option for vegetarian guests.

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    Gourmet Vegetarian Stuffed Mushrooms

    vegetarian stuffed mushrooms
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    The vegetarian sausage substitute gives these stuffed mushrooms meaty flavor while keeping them vegan and vegetarian-friendly.

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    Paleo Stuffed Mushrooms With Ground Turkey Stuffing

    paleo mushrooms
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    These paleo stuffed mushrooms include ground turkey, garlic, herbs, and some finely chopped water chestnuts for texture. Even your non-paleo friends and family will enjoy these scrumptious stuffed mushrooms.

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    Grilled Stuffed Mushroom Sliders

    stuffed mushroom sliders
    Sabrina Baksh

    These stuffed mushroom sliders are proof that you can make great vegetarian food on the grill. The cheese-stuffed portobello mushrooms make a tasty, meat-free filling for small split slider buns.