Top 7 Summer Comfort Foods

Just like winter, summer can have comfort foods too. But these use the best produce of summer, along with some of the best foods from childhood. A juicy tomato sandwich paired with basil and melted brie, a fluffy and ethereal gelatin salad, a rich chicken salad paired with peaches and bacon ... you'll love every recipe on this list.

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    Fresh Corn Salad. Linda Larsen
    When fresh corn is in season, I make this salad constantly. There's something about the combination of juicy corn that bursts in your mouth, sweet and tart tomatoes, garlic, and Parmesan cheese that evokes summer.
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    My Mother's Potato Salad
    My Mother's Potato Salad. Linda Larsen

    This excellent potato salad is the ultimate comfort food. It's creamy, velvety smooth, an perfect, with the best flavor. You have to boil the potatoes and make the dressing just as written. You'll love it!

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    Chocolate Crunch Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cake. Linda Larsen

    This incredible recipe is my new favorite summer treat. It's creamy, velvety smooth, and so rich, with a wonderful crunch from the chocolate-coated cookie crumbs. Try it!!

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    Apple Pecan Chicken Salad. Linda Larsen
    This luscious salad is summer in a bowl. There's nothing better than a fresh peach, except when combined with tender chicken and crisp, salty bacon in this salad. Serve it at a special lunch on the porch with some sweet tea and hot biscuits.
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    My Favorite Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Linda Larsen
    When it's too hot to cook but I want something warm and comforting, this deceptively simple sandwich comes to the rescue. Yes, it uses American cheese, and yes, it is the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.
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    Mustard Salmon Pasta Salad
    Mustard Salmon Pasta Salad. Linda Larsen

    This salad is for mustard lovers! The combination of a creamy mustard dressing with smooth salmon and lots of veggies is simply sublime.

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    Strawberry Creme Parfait
    Strawberry Creme Parfait. Linda Larsen

    This beautiful, rich, and fluffy dessert is so easy to make and so impressive. I love to spoon the mixture into my prettiest stemmed goblets and serve with ornate silver spoons. Remember, presentation is half the fun of eating!