The Top 7 Turkey Sandwiches

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    Turkey Reuben

    turkey rueben grilled cheese
    Turkey Reuben Sandwich. Grilled Cheese Social

    Although reubens aren't typically made with turkey, this healthy update is totally delicious. Once you make your own homemade 1000 island dressing, you'll never buy a bottled version ever again. A word to the wise, you don't have to be exact with that recipe. If you just eye it, it'll probably be even better! 

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    Italian Antipasto Sandwich

    antipasta sandwich
    Italian Antipasto Sandwich. Grilled Cheese Social

    Antipasto is typically a big beautiful platter that marks the beginning of many Italian meals. These platters are filled with cured meats like prosciutto, coppa, and salami. You'll also find vegetables like roasted red peppers, wilted spinach with garlic, marinated artichoke hearts, and pickled mushrooms alongside a variety of colorful cured olives. Common cheeses on these platters include but are not limited to, fresh mozzarella, provolone, and wedges of young parmesan. There's also delicious spreads like eggplant caponata, pesto, and bruschetta that are served with thin rounds of crostini. 

    And although antipasto translates something close to "the beginning of the meal" after eating this gigantic sandwich, you will definitely not need anything more after you finish it. Fresh cracked pepper turkey, slices of prosciutto-mozzarella rolls, baby romaine leaves, fresh basil, sun-dried tomatoes, banana peppers, red onion, and whole grain dijon mustard are all stacked together in a perfectly toasted baguette. Once made, this sandwich has about a day-long shelf life but is best served right away. 

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    Turkey And Hummus Sandwich

    hummus turkey sandwich
    Turkey and Hummus Sandwich. Grilled Cheese Social

    Beet hummus is the star of this healthy sandwich. It's beautiful and vibrant pink shade lacks in comparison to its healthy attributions. Beets are loaded with a variety of nutrients and fibers that can help lower blood pressure, fight inflammation and cancer, and can help boost your immune system. When you mix the roasted beets with chickpeas, which are filled with healthy fibers, protein, nutrients, and vitamins, the health benefits keep multiplying. 

    Cracked pepper turkey loads you up with even more lean-meat protein while the tomatoes add a nice healthy dose of vitamin C, D, and folic acid. The feta cheese is a great source of calcium and the baby kale sprouts are a superfood that helps boost your brain power with the green's high level of folate. 

    This sandwich gets kind of messy over time, so if you're trying to make it in advance, try using a baguette or another type of bread that is denser so that the liquids from the sandwich ingredients don't seep into the bread. 

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    Classic Turkey Sub

    classic turkey sandwich
    Classic Turkey Sub Sandwich. Grilled Cheese Social

    Let's be honest, there's nothing like sinking your teeth into a perfectly made turkey sub from the deli. It's the ultimate go-to sandwich for a long day at work, a child's lunchbox, or a beautiful day at the beach. 

    To avoid your sandwich falling apart, use these methods and order to ensure that the ingredients will stay tucked in place and each bite will be absolutely perfect. If you can, use all organic, natural, and/or local ingredients because they just taste so much better and doing so is good for the world. 

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    Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich

    Thanksgiving leftover grilled cheese
    Thanksgiving Leftovers Grilled Cheese with Cranberry Mustard + Gruyere. Grilled Cheese Social

    You're either one of those people that like Thanksgiving or you're one of those people that like the Thanksgiving leftovers. Either way, when the hunger strikes after the big meal, this is the perfect sandwich. It consists of a grilled holiday citrus roll with cranberry mustard, leftover turkey, mashed potatoes, and some nutty, gooey gruyère. Try it.

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    Turkey, Herbed Cream Cheese, and Pepper Grilled Cheese

    Herbed turkey grilled cheese
    Turkey, Herbed Cream Cheese + Sweet Pepper Grilled Cheese. Heidi Larsen

    This turkey-themed grilled cheese sandwich features Wisconsin cream cheese mixed with fresh herbs and garlic, sweet and spicy peppadews, and thinly sliced honey turkey breast grilled between two buttery slices of pumpernickel.

    It's tasty with a piping hot bowl of chicken noodle soup or alongside a butter lettuce salad with crisp apples, seeds, and poppy-seed and lemon salad dressing. You can even elevate this sandwich by adding freshly carved turkey breast or pulled dark meat. 

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    Monte Cristo and Brie Sliders

    Monte Cristo Sandwich
    Monte Cristo Sliders with Brie. Grilled Cheese Social

    These sweet and savory little Monte Cristo sliders feature creamy brie, thinly sliced turkey, ham, tangy raspberry jam, and crusty French bread. And instead of deep-frying the entire sandwich, like how some Monte Cristos are made, this sandwich is grilled on the stove with salted butter. These little sliders may not be the healthiest of options, but they're super tasty and little so you don't have to feel bad about eating them.