Moroccan Salad Medley - How to Make a Traditional Moroccan Salad Plate

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    The Moroccan Salad Plate

    Traditional Moroccan Salad Plate. Photo © Christine Benlafquih

    This gorgeous presentation of Moroccan salads is traditionally served as a starter course when hosting an honored guest, entertaining a group of people, or celebrating a special occasion.

    Five different salads are typically prepared and arranged in an alternating pattern like the one above. Although the salads are all easy to make, it will take some time to make all five. Plan to make them a day in advance.

    Here are quick links to the individual salad recipes:

    Photos of the salads are on the following pages.

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    Rice and Tuna Salad

    Moroccan Rice and Tuna Salad. Photo © Christine Benlafquih

    Rice and tuna salad is popular in Morocco, and it usually forms the center of the Moroccan Salad Medley. Adding vegetables such as peas, corn, or bell peppers will give the rice salad color and texture.

    Make Moroccan Rice and Tuna Salad no more than a day in advance.

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    Moroccan Green Bean Salad

    Moroccan Green Bean Salad. Photo © Christine Benlafquih

    Use fresh green beans (also called string beans) for this easy cold Moroccan Green Bean Salad in Vinaigrette. When time allows, I like to add roasted red peppers for color and flavor, but the salad will still be delicious if you omit them. If you do opt to add the peppers, see How to Roast and Skin Peppers.

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    Moroccan Potato Salad

    Moroccan Potato Salad. Photo © Christine Benlafquih

    When making Moroccan Potato Salad in Vinaigrette for the Moroccan Salad Medley, be sure to cut the potatoes quite small to keep the salad elegant. For consistent cooking, it's easiest slice the potatoes with uniform thickness, and then cut the slices into cubes.

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    Moroccan Carrot Salad

    Moroccan Carrot Salad. Photo © Christine Benlafquih

    Moroccan Carrot Salad in Vinaigrette is lightly seasoned with cumin. As with the potato salad, you'll want to cut the carrots into small cubes. Avoid the temptation to use frozen carrots – fresh carrots are so much better tasting.

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    Moroccan Beet Salad

    Moroccan Beet Salad. Photo © Christine Benlafquih

    Even if you don't particularly care for beets, be sure to add Moroccan Beet Salad with Vinaigrette to the Moroccan Salad Medley. The salad uses fresh beets which are surprisingly tasty, and it adds lots of color to the salad plate. Again, you'll want to cut the cooked beets into small cubes for a nicer presentation.

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    Arranging the Salad Plate

    Garnish the Moroccan Salad Plate with Olives and Eggs. Photo © Christine Benlafquih

    A few hours prior to serving, check the seasoning of each of the salads and arrange the plate. Although the norm in Morocco is to serve the salad medley to a group of people on a single large platter, individual salad plates can also be arranged. Keep the medley covered with plastic and chilled until ready to serve.

    Tuna, olives, slices of hard boiled eggs,slivered red onions and cornichons can all be used to garnish the salad plate. Simply add whatever appeals to you.