Traditional South American Recipes for Beans

Regional South American Recipes that Feature Beans

Beans are abundant in South America, and an important part of the cuisine. Every country seems to have its own preferred variety of bean, and a traditional recipe to go with it. Beans are nutritious and economical, and the leftovers are delicious the next day, wrapped in a tortilla for lunch. Enjoy this list of typical South American recipes that feature the humble frijol, and remember that canned beans make quick work of those long-simmering, traditional recipes.

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    Brazilian Feijoada

    Brazilian Feijoada
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    Feijoada is essentially Brazil's national dish. It takes more than a day to prepare, and it's best enjoyed at a weekend gathering of family and friends. Black beans are the star of feijoada, and they are combined with various smoked meats and many special accompaniments.

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    Venezuelan Black Beans

    Venezuelan black beans
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     These rich and savory slow-cooked black beans are seasoned with bacon, molasses, and spices.

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    Colombian Red Beans and Rice

    Red beans and rice
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    This is a quick version, using canned beans, of traditional Colombian slow-cooked beans. These beans are so delicious, even in their shortcut form, that they make a great main course. Serve them over rice, and use the leftovers for burritos or nachos.

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    Pabellon Criollo

    A plate of Venezuelan steak, rice, and beans

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    Pabellón Criollo is a main course rice and beans dish from Venezuela. The beef, rice, and beans are cooked separately and arranged on a platter to resemble the stripes of a tri-colored flag (the word pabellón means flag).