6 Tips for Making the Best Tuna Ever

Do not ruin fresh tuna by overcooking

Cubes of seared tuna steak on a platter

Radu Dan / Getty Images

There is no doubt that tuna is a favorite food for many. Whether it's fresh or comes from a can, Here are 6 tips for making the best tuna ever. 

  1. That little bit of fat and strong flavor also make tuna a perfect choice for smoking. Fresh tuna is often compared to beef steak, due to the beautiful red color and meat-like texture.
  2. Sushi-grade tuna has usually been flash-frozen within a couple of hours of being caught. Thawed fresh-frozen tuna generally does not degrade in flavor or texture as compared to fresh off the boat, so do not hesitate to buy it frozen from any reputable market.
  3. The finest tuna is reserved for eating raw, as in sushi or sashimi. If you are cooking fresh tuna at home, it should ideally be cooked medium-rare, seared very quickly over high heat, preferably on a grill. If you cannot handle medium-rare tuna, at least do not overcook it. Cook until the flesh changes color and is no longer translucent. Overcooking will dry out and ruin that pricey culinary investment.
  4. Canned tuna is called tunafish (note no space in between). It is a cupboard staple in most households. One drained 6-ounce can yields 2/3 to 3/4 cup of flesh for measuring purposes, although it can vary depending on the supplier.
  5. You will find canned tuna packed in oil, water or even flavored sauces. The liquid is drained before use in most applications. For richer and more flavorful broths and sauces, incorporate the liquid from the canned tuna into the recipe if your diet permits it.
  6. Tuna can be substituted in most salmon recipes, both canned and fresh.