Turkish Offal And Variety Meat (Sakatatlar) Recipes

Offal, better known in Turkish as 'sakatalar' (sah-kah-TAHT'-lar), are the edible parts of the animal, usually beef or lamb, aside from the meat itself. As in many Eastern European and Middle Eastern cuisines, Turkish chefs have used variety meats such as liver, kidney, heart, spleen, tongue and brain since before Ottoman times.

Feet and heads of animals are often used for stewing or roasting. Many variety meats are prized for their high nutritional value and are considered delicacies. Some, like liver, tripe and 'kelle' are popular Turkish street foods. Here are the recipes for some of Turkish cuisine's best-known 'sakatatlar.'

If you want to try these recipes at home, make sure you have access to products that are very fresh. 

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    Turkish Tripe Soup Is Called 'İşkembe Çorbası'

    Photo © yildiraycan_Fotolia.com

    Tripe soup is served in after-hours restaurants that specialize in preparing this garlicy soup to the beat of traditional Turkish music. 'I?kembe' is the name for both the tripe and the soup. Both are best known as being an excellent cure for hangovers.

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    Fried Calf Liver And Onions Is Called Albanian Liver (Arnavut Ciğeri)

    Turkish Liver and Onions
    Turkish-style fried liver and onions is called "Albanian Liver.". Photo © Elizabeth Taviloglu, 2012

     In Turkish, the name of this dish is 'Arnavut ci?eri,' which means 'Albanian' liver. It's a popular dish served in taverna-style restaurants all around Istanbul. Wherever it may have originated, it's delicious. If you don't like liver, this dish is sure to change your mind.