11 Creative Ways To Turn Frozen Chicken Into Dinner

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    12 Creative Ways To Turn Frozen Chicken Into Dinner

    Catherine McCord

    Chicken is one of the most versatile proteins and often the easiest to get kids to eat. Put your freezer stash of chicken breasts, legs and thighs to work with these 12 creative dishes. Simply defrost the chicken overnight in the fridge and then follow any of these easy recipes to bring new life to the common chicken dinner. From crispy cutlets to sweet and tangy BBQ legs, you’ll find several new favorites to add to your dinner rotation.

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    Breaded Chicken Cutlets

    Catherine McCord

    After spotting pea tendrils at the farmers' market we made this recipe for Breaded Chicken Cutlets with Pea Salad. This dish did not take long to prepare and the chicken came out super juicy on the inside and perfectly crunchy on the outside. We planned on using the leftovers for school lunch the next day, but by the end of dinner, nothing was left. Oh well, guess we'll just have to make them again!

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    One Sheet Chicken Dinner

    Catherine McCord

    Toss everything on a cookie sheet with some olive oil and spices, mix it up and roast until nice and crispy. Even better was having Kenya and Chloe strategically place all of the vegetables around the chicken in a "pretty pattern" as Chloe called it.

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    No Work Chicken

    Catherine McCord

    Not just another chicken recipe, this one immediately earned a distinguished place in our dinner rotation. All you do is quickly whisk the marinade ingredients together in the morning (or the night before), add the chicken breasts and then bake them when you get home that night. In less than an hour, you'll have moist, juicy chicken with a sweet and tangy sauce that is heavenly served over brown rice.

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    Sweet Balsamic Glazed Chicken

    Catherine McCord

    Sweet Balsamic Glazed Chicken has quickly made it into our most frequently seen weeknight meal list. Balsamic vinegar is one of my favorite ingredients drizzled into a salad dressing, just a touch added at the end of making a pasta sauce to give it some bright acidity or mixed with something sweet in a pan glaze.

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    Japanese Sticky Chicken

    Catherine McCord

    This Japanese Sticky Chicken has a sweet and salty taste that begs to be eaten with your hands and tastes finger lickin’ good. Serve it with Perfect Brown Rice and my kids new request of a wedge of salad topped with Carrot Ginger Miso and you’ve got the perfect summer meal!

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    Crock Pot Hawaiian Chicken

    Catherine McCord

    This Crock Pot Hawaiian Chicken is massive delicious and will remind you of those tropical flavors you enjoy in the islands if you’ve ever been there. This chicken has the sweetness of fresh pineapple mixed with Polynesian/ Asian flavors including soy sauce and fresh ginger. With a touch of honey added for sweetness and all you need to do is add everything into your crock pot to do the rest of the work.

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    Sweet and Spicy Chicken

    Catherine McCord

    We made Sweet and Spicy Chicken for our family with three of us loving it, but one saying it was too spicy. We made it a few more times before we finally got to this version, which had the perfect balance of sweet and spicy for our whole family.

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    BBQ Chicken Legs

    Catherine McCord

    Chicken legs are one of the easiest to make and most economical meats you can buy for family meals, so we’ve added this super simple BBQ Chicken Legs recipe to our barbecue rotation. Served with Sweet Potato Dippers, Everything Kale Chips or even a simple ear of steamed corn on the side, they make for a delicious and hearty dinner you can have on your table in less time than you would think!

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    Lazy BBQ Chicken

    Catherine McCord

    Have you ever cooked food in parchment paper? It's a ​life-saving approach to cooking for lazy cooks like myself, especially on those weekday nights when you need a meal you can easily get on the table in 30 minutes or less and which requires ZERO clean up. Making this Lazy BBQ Chicken takes just 30 minutes for even the most novice of cooks.

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    Asian Chicken Soup

    Catherine McCord

    Throwing together this simple Asian Chicken Soup has never been easier. It's really clean and it just makes you feel great when you've got the sniffles. Kids can't get enough of it either and especially like sucking on the coins of ginger which soften from steeping in the warm broth.

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    Chicken Paillard with Summer Salad

    Catherine McCord

    We've made this dish for the kids several times this summer and they now ask for it regularly: tender, juicy chicken breasts coated with a crispy golden layer of panko on the outside and topped with cherry tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden. Add fresh corn cut right off the cob on the side for added sweetness.