Two Ingredient Recipes

Cheese Quesadillas. Linda Larsen

I don't think there are any recipes that are quicker and easier than these gems. With just two ingredients (except salt, pepper, dried spices, oil, sugar, and flour) you can make candy, side dishes, salads, appetizers, sandwiches, and main dishes that are delicious and ready in just minutes.

You can add more ingredients to these recipes, of course. I, for instance, would add some fresh thyme or mint to the Watermelon Blue Cheese Salad, and I would add some shredded Havarti cheese to the BBQ Beef Calzones.

When you do make a change, be sure to write it down so you don't lose a fabulous recipe. And enjoy these easy treats.

Two Ingredient Recipes

  • Onion Pot Roast
    This recipe makes the most wonderful gravy to go with tender and succulent beef pot roast. Make your own onion soup mix to control the sodium in this easy recipe.
  • Pasta Focaccia Sandwiches
    Any deli pasta salad is delicious sandwiched between focaccia bread or Boboli pizza crust. Make sure you ask for a taste before you buy the salad so you know you like it.
  • Lemon Semifreddo
    A semifreddo, which means "semi frozen" in Italian, is usually a complicated dessert. You must cook egg yolks to make a custard, and fold in whipped cream or beaten egg whites. This two ingredient recipe is smooth, velvety, and marvelous, and you can make it in about 5 minutes.
  • Salsa Crockpot Chicken
    I simply adore this super easy recipe. I look for unusual salsas in the store to make it. My favorite is this wonderful peach salsa that has the most incredible color and flavor.
  • Corn Waffles
    Just stir frozen corn into a corn muffin mix batter for these wonderful waffles. You can serve these as a savory or sweet entree, depending on the topping! Maple syrup is delicious, but so is tomato salsa.
  • Cotija Flatbread
    With cheese, refrigerated dough, and two seasonings, this delicious little bread can be on the table in half an hour.
  • Ranch Pork Chops
    Salad dressing is the perfect marinade and glaze for tender pork chops. You can use this technique on chicken breasts too.
  • Roasted Bacon Turkey Tenderloin
    Bacon can turn just about any plain meat into a meal. This fabulous recipe is so simple and is special enough for company.
  • Bisqwick Biscuits
    These wonderfully light and flaky biscuits use just two ingredients: baking mix and butter.
  • Salt Baked Potatoes
    These potatoes are not too salty or high in sodium; they are just tender and fluffy with a crisp crust. The salt just holds the heat around the potatoes so they roast to perfection.
  • Myron's Caramelized Onions
    Just onions, butter, and a slow cooker are all you need to make this fabulous side dish recipe. The onions are also wonderful as a sandwich topping.
  • Almost Instant Fondue
    Melting cheese topped with nuts makes the perfect last minute appetizer recipe for a party. Or just because it's Tuesday!
  • Brown Sugar Shortbread
    I first made this fabulous recipe when I was teenager vacationing with my family. The kitchen was almost bare, but I had these ingredients! It's wonderful.
  • Cookie Bark
    I simply could not believe how good this recipe is. The chocolate mint shortbread cookies turn plain old chocolate chips into a fabulously decadent candy. Yum.
  • Luscious Potatoes
    You won't believe how wonderful this recipe is. I won't tell you the ingredients here - you'll have to discover that for yourself!
  • Roasted Italian Pork Tenderloin
    Pork tenderloin is my favorite cut of this meat. It's always tender and juicy and so easy to cook. Pair it with one more ingredient for a delicious main dish recipe.
  • Watermelon Blue Cheese Salad
    There are a lot of recipes for watermelon with feta, but I like blue cheese better. It has more flavor and looks gorgeous against the deep pink of the juicy fruit.
  • Hazelnut Chocolate Coffee
    I got the idea for this recipe while searching Bake-Off recipes. It's simply fabulous.