Types of Caribbean Roti

The food of the Caribbean has been influenced by many countries. India adopted many of their flat breads and call them all roti, which is an Indian-styled flat bread. There are a variety of roti -- here are the 6 most popular types of roti made in the Caribbean.

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    Dhal Puri is a lentil-stuffed roti. Seasoned with garlic, hot pepper, and ground pepper, this roti is traditionally made for special occasions. It is also made and sold as a popular street-food item. It can be eaten as is or with any type of meat, seafood or vegetable curry.

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    This is also known as a plain roti. Caribbean Paratha Roti is rolled thinly, brushed with oil or ghee and then rolled tightly, left of rest and then cook on a hot griddle and clapped to release the layers to form a flaky roti.

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    A thick flat bread that is made to be eaten mostly at breakfast or dinner.

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    This is the cooking of the two pieces of dough used for paratha roti, together. Dosti in Hindi means friend.

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    Aloo (Potato) Roti

    Aloo is the Hindi for potato. Aloo roti is a spiced, mashed potato stuffed roti. It is most popularly made and eaten for breakfast or dinner.

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    Pepper Roti

    Pepper Roti is so given its name simply because of the amount of heat from the hot peppers that are added to the filling mix for the roti.

    Pepper roti is two pieces of the dough used for Paratha roti sandwiched with a filling of grated potatoes, carrots, and cheddar cheese. It is very popular in Trinidad and Tobago.