How to Use More Kale in Sandwich Recipes

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    Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich with Baby Kale

    Curry Chicken Salad Recipe
    Curry Chicken Salad Recipe. Grilled Cheese Social

    This robust and flavorful Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich is made with a mixture of greek yogurt and mayonnaise so it has a much lighter taste with more health benefits than your typical calorie packed chicken salad. Greek yogurt not only provides a nice tangy bite, but it's also full of probiotics and live cultures that help aid digestion and speed up metabolism. 

    I recommend using this curry chicken salad as a sandwich recipe between two toasted slices of a pumpkin bagel (for a hint of sweetness), a drizzle of Sriracha (for heat), a few cucumbers (for crunch, and lastly, a handful of kale leaves (for extra health benefits) but feel free to use it on whatever vessel you care for!

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    Veggie Grilled Cheese with Kale, Beets + Goat Cheese

    Kale, Beet + Goat Cheese Grilled Cheese
    Kale, Beet + Goat Cheese Grilled Cheese. Grilled Cheese Social

    This Veggie Grilled Cheese with Kale, Beets and Goat Cheese. is full of beet-infused goat cheese!  It sounds fancy, but it's actually super easy! And when you add sauteed kale and three kinds of mushrooms, this veg-loaded grilled cheese becomes even more colorful and flavorful. 

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    Turkey and Hummus Sandwich with Kale Sprouts

    Beet hummus is the star of this healthy Turkey and Hummus Sandwich. It's beautiful and vibrant pink shade lacks in comparison to its healthy attributions. Beets are loaded with a variety of nutrients and fibers that can help lower blood pressure in just a couple of hours, fight inflammation and cancer, and can help boost your immune system. When you mix the roasted beets with chick peas, which are filled with healthy fibers, protein, nutrients and vitamins, the health benefits keep multiplying. 

    Cracked Pepper Turkey loads you up with even more lean-meat protein while the tomatoes add a nice healthy dose of vitamin C, D and folic acid. The feta cheese is a great source of calcium and the baby kale sprouts are a super food that help boost your brain power with the the green's high level of folate. And although the bread's probably not that good for you, it helps keep everything together and it makes it taste even better! 

    This sandwich gets kind of messy over time, so if you're trying to make it in advance, I'd recommend using a baguette or another type of bread that is more dense so that the liquids from the sandwich ingredients don't seep into the bread. 

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    Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Sausage and Kale

    sausage and kale grilled cheese. Grilled Cheese Social

    This Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Sausage and Kale was inspired by one of my favorite warm weather soups, and is a satisfying meal by itself. It combines spicy sausage, citrusy kale, savory caramelized onions and slightly tart Wisconsin kasseri cheese, which melts perfectly. I recommend serving it alongside a jammy Cabernet Sauvignon to help balance the saltiness of the sandwich.