Great Ways to Use Leftover Cooked Steak

Second-Day Meal Is Just as Special

Steak is a go-to entree for special occasion meals and backyard barbecues on the weekend. The smell alone, when steaks are on the grill, is a high all by itself. Buying top-notch, thick and tender steaks are quite an investment. If you're cooking for two, chances are you'll end up with enough meat for more than one meal. That means leftover steak, and that is a terrible thing to waste. These delicious recipes showcase cooked steak so well you'll forget you're eating leftovers....MORE (And if you don't know the best way to cook a great steak, see below for directions.)

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    Butter-basted steak
    Dave Scantland

    This fool-proof cooking method works best for very thick steaks -- at least 2 inches thick. While this cut often results in more steak than the two of you can probably eat in one meal, the leftover meat is delicious used in any of the following dishes. For a classic meal, serve with baked potatoes, fresh green salad with blue cheese crumbles, French bread and a red wine like cabernet sauvignon, zinfandel, tempranillo or malbec.

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    Beef Stroganoff
    Dave Scantland

    Beef stroganoff doesn't get any easier than this recipe, which uses leftover steak for a delicious, elegant entree. It also includes directions if you're starting with raw meat. Either way, it's a winner of a meal for a romantic Saturday night. Beef stroganoff is a one-dish meal since it is served over noodles; add a salad and artisan bread with garlic oil dip and you're set. Don't forget the wine; same reds as with a rib-eye make great pairings.

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    Spicy Broccoli With Beef

    Spicy broccoli and beef
    TheCrimsonMonkey / Getty Images

    Garlic chips and oyster sauce flavor this easy yet unusual dish. While you can use chicken, pork or shrimp as the basis of a great entree, beef is a standout choice, especially tender steak slices. All you need to add is rice -- basmati, pilaf or wild -- and you have a delicious meal. Try a lighter red wine with this dish, like a pinot noir or gamay.

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    Steak Sandwiches With Horseradish Sauce and Jus

    Warm steak sandwich
    Dave Scantland

    Creamy horseradish sauce lifts these updated classic French dip sandwiches to new culinary heights. Heating leftover steak slices in warm but not boiling jus warms them gently so they stay tender, and you can use the extra jus for dipping the sandwiches if you like. To glam up this casual lunch or dinner, have some wine. Choose a merlot or Cotes du Rhone.

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    Steak hash with poached egg
    Dave Scantland

    While corned beef is the meat most people think of when you mention hash, steak is an offbeat and interesting choice for this brunch classic. Poached eggs make a delicious complement to the dish. Serve with bloody marys.

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    Chinese Pepper Steak

    Chinese pepper steak
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    This classic Chinese-American dish is often made with raw sirloin or flat iron steak. but using leftover steak makes it even easier to prepare. It looks fancy but it's done in a snap. It's a bit difficult to choose a wine that complements Asian-style food; try a syrah with this dish.