Ways to Use Leftover Parsley

While parsley is pretty sturdy compared to some other herbs, it can still be a challenge to use up a bunch before it goes bad. Don't let the other half of your parsley go to waste. Learn a few tricks for keeping the bunch fresh, then use it up in these fabulous recipes.

Storing Parsley

As with most fresh leafy herbs, water on the surface of the parsley leaves is their (and your) enemy. If possible, choose dry bunches of parsley that haven't been sprayed at the store. If the leaves are wet, spin the parsley as dry as possible in a salad spinner or blot the moisture off with paper towels.

For storing, if the parsley is in good shape with no broken stems, you can place the bunch in a big glass with a little water in the bottom and store it in the fridge. The drawback to this method is that any leaves below the water line will go bad quickly, so it works best with long-stemmed parsley bunches. I go through it pretty quickly, so I usually just store it, dry, in a loose plastic bag.

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    Chimichurri Sauce for Two

    Steak taco with chimichurri
    Dave Scantland

    Tangy and fresh, South American chimichurri sauce is a great way to use up a large handful of parsley. It's traditionally served with steak, but it's also delicious with grilled chicken or pork.

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    Veracruz-Style Fish Fillets

    Fillet of Fish and Salad
    Juanmonino/E+/Getty Images

    You might not think of parsley in Mexican food (I know I didn't), but it's no stranger to the Spanish-influenced cuisine of Veracruz. In this fish entree, a little parsley goes into the sauce, with even more on top after it cooks.

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    Greek-style burgur wheat salad

    Greek bulgur salad
    Dave Scantland

    Think of this salad as upgraded tabbouleh. With bulgur wheat, tomato, parsley, and mint joined by cucumber, feta cheese and olives, it's also reminiscent of Greek salad. 

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    Rack of Lamb with Herb-Caper Sauce

    Rack of Lamb
    boblin/E+/Getty Images

    Parsley, mint, and capers brighten up the sauce for this succulent rack of lamb. It makes a beautiful entree for a special occasion, but it's easy enough for any night. 

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    Fish and Vegetable Tagine with Chermoula

    Fish and vegetables with chermoula
    Dave Scantland

     Chermoula, a spicy Moroccan herb sauce, is traditionally served with fish, but it's also delicious served with roasted chicken. This tagine layers potatoes, peppers, and onions under tender white fish for an easy weeknight entree. 

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    Creamy Herb Salad Dressing

    Close up of purple garlic bunch
    Robert Daly/E+/OJO Images/Getty Images

     A hint of garlic and a blend of three herbs make this creamy, tangy dressing a great topping for crisp greens, tomatoes or any blanched and chilled vegetables.